SF Station presents The Guide: A list of the best events happening this week
Tuesday, September 12 - Monday, September 18
A week does not bode well when headed by the anniversary of a somber national disaster. But after you take a moment of reflection, take advantage of all that you do have and appreciate it. Savor your simple freedoms.

Become a cinematic connoisseur at the 46th Annual Film Finals at the Red Vic where the SFSU cinema department showcases the best of their students' films. For something a little less high brow, get your girlfriends together and get desperate at the Season 2 DVD release party of Desperate Housewives at the Cellar.

Then go check out how weird Matthew Barney actually is at the Drawing Restraint Closing Party at SF MoMa. This'll be your last chance at watching Björk and Barney canoodle in a vat of petroleum jelly. Speaking of art, if you're in the mood to watch two crazy artists hole themselves up in a gallery made to look like an insane asylum then head straight to Mission 17 for Coprophagiology.

Sweat all that art out at Space Invaders II at the fabulous Mighty where you can dance any frightening images away to beats laid down by the freshest DJs. Afterwards, celebrate 26 years of Pac Man supremacy and get ready to rumble at the Hotel Utah Saloon. Kick the next week off at the Great American Music Hall for "rock-meets-electronica" duo Ratatat's show.


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Tuesday, September 12, 2006
at Red Vic Movie House (7pm, 9:30pm)
San Francisco State University Cinema Department, one of the nation's top film schools, welcomes you to Showtime, its 46th Annual Film Finals show. This presentation is a collection of documentary, experimental, and narrative films, created and produced by the next wave of groundbreaking filmmakers.
at various locations (see schedule for exact times)
MadCat is a highly acclaimed festival that exhibits independent and experimental films and videos directed by women from around the globe. The Festival emphasizes work that is inventive and visionary. MadCat takes place each September in the Bay Area.
Wednesday, September 13, 2006
at The Cellar (6pm - 9pm)
Last season, Desperate Housewives was the 4th-highest ranking series on TV! The season II dvd is being released this month and the Cellar is one of the only places in the city you'd be able to win your own copy!!
at Rickshaw Stop (8pm)
One of the central spokes to Germany's aural necromancy, Hanno Leichtmann (aka Static) has collaborated with To Rocco Rot, Tarwater and Lali Puna, whilst lending a production hand (and ear) to the likes of Pole and Jan Jelinek. "Hanno Leichtmann and his array of Berlin-based pals perform a Morr Music-style marriage of machine beats and soft, humanizing acoustics, with the latter coming primarily in the form of twangy, slow-mo guitar and spoken-sung vocals."
at Harry Denton's Starlight Room (8pm - 2am)
Treat yourself to a VIP experience at San Francisco's premiere Wednesday night destination. Enjoy breathtaking penthouse views from atop the Sir Francis Drake Hotel at Union Square while sipping on your favorite cocktails and dancing underneath the stars.
Thursday, September 14, 2006
at Mezzanine (6:30pm - 9:30pm)
An evening of great music and inspiring performances. With special performances by our National Poetry Slam Champions, this night will definitely be one to remember. Don't miss out on this opportunity to find out exactly who we are, what we do, and why we do it better than any other agency in the country.
at SFMOMA (7pm - 10pm)
September Sessions offers a last-chance to view the celebrated/lauded DRAWING RESTRAINT exhibition, featuring elaborate videos, films, and sculptures by art world darling Matthew Barney. Barney staged his new film on a whaling ship in Nagasaki Bay, Japan. Fittingly, Björk's soundtrack primarily orients itself around the traditional musical forms of Japan. The Museum is the only US venue for this exhibition.
at Great American Music Hall (GAMH) (8pm)
Throughout their 12-year history, Tortoise have been one of the most singularly dynamic bands in modern music. With each record they have not only redefined their own sound, but helped to nudge music itself in unique and exciting new directions.
Friday, September 15, 2006
at Mezzanine (9pm)
The Dewaele Brother's are Soulwax, aka 2 Many DJ's, aka Nite Versions Live. Prepare yourselfs for a blowout event, as they will be playing both a live set with their band as well as a 3-hour DJ set.
at Mission 17 (3pm - 6pm)
The controlled environment of the gallery space will serve as a doppleganger for the controlled environment of the mental institution. Maltz and Nicholl will reside there, as their activities serve as reminders that the behaviors of artists and crazy people are often one and the same.
at Temple Nightclub (9pm - 4am)
A super crew brought together by the mighty Photek in 2004. Hand picked all-stars with a mission to make some noise and be heard. The sound of TEKDBZ is a unique fusion of hip hop, dancehall, and drum & bass; a sound only heard once at a sold out show at House of Blues Sunset Strip.
Saturday, September 16, 2006
at Bill Graham Civic Auditorium (Doors Open at 8pm)
He is the hottest Record Producer and DJ in Dance Music Right Now and his songs are played in constant rotation on every dance music radio station & every dancefloor across the world. Bob Sinclar was asked to be the Official DJ for Madonna's "World Confessions Tour" in Paris France.
at Mighty (10pm - 4am)
A party dedicated to the showcasing of worldwide record collectors, producers and DJs specializing in all that is musically fanatical and fantastical while embracing the equally diverse enthusiast, curiosity seeker and fan that is present to listen, engage yet let loose, but most importantly to dance!
at Zellerbach Hall (7pm)
From the mists of the Ming Dynasty comes a tale of love, beauty, and marriage so profound that it still resonates with modern audiences more than 400 years later. The Peony Pavilion is considered one of the world's greatest artistic accomplishments - the supreme achievement of Chinese kunqu opera, an art form refined over centuries and combining literature, music, dance, and drama with extraordinary purity and precision.
at 1015 (Ten 15) (9pm - 7am)
Paul van Dyk, The world's #1 DJ, returns to 1015 for an exclusive 4 hour set. They highly recommend the VIP package for an all inclusive night in style.
at The Regency Center (8pm - midnight)
Gen Art San Francisco invites you to our 3rd annual Fresh Faces in Fashion Show in the Grand Ballroom of the Regency Center. The show reflects the state of the emerging designer world, providing 6 cutting-edge designers the opportunity to show their looks on a 60 foot runway for an audience of 1,000.
Sunday, September 17, 2006
at Sharon Meadows (noon)
Besides a remarkable day of music in the park, Alice's Now & Zen Fest is full of good vibes and positive zenergy. Bask in the sun, enjoy the company of friends, indulge your senses ... whatever moves you! Find cool Karmic activities from body art to psychic readings or just sit around and do nothing but eat, drink and practice your mindful meditation.
at Hotel Utah Saloon (2pm)
Arguably the most influential game in the industry's history (with Pong the only other real contender), Pac Man has made more than $100 million dollars one quarter at a time. He's spawned his own line of trading cards, lunch boxes, board games, breakfast cereals and been the inspiration for a Top 40 hit (Buckner & Garcia's "Pac Man Fever" hit number 9 on Billboard's charts in 1982).
at Hotel Utah Saloon (9pm)
Sitting, standing, and lounging amidst the jumble are the majority of the members of a band called Okay. They are: Ian Pelucci, bassist, prone to smiling, relaxed on the couch; Jay Pelucci, drummer and Ian's brother, who closes his eyes and wears no shoes while he plays; Yosef Lewis, guitarist, yoga practitioner, and the only bearded member of the group; Anna Weisman, who plays the autoharp, has big brown eyes, and is engaged to be married to the aforementioned Lewis; Amanda Panda, percussionist, who does, in fact, have the cute, rounded features of a panda...
at Club Six (7:30pm)
The Elm St Murders is a theatrical parody of the classic horror film, A Nightmare on Elm St. Mixing video and live theater, it's a 1.5 hr ride of Freddy Krueger enduced dream sequences, flying blood, multiple deaths, and Rocky Horror esque audience interaction as a tribute to the horror genre. The production lies within the interactive splatter theater genre, made for those who love films, flying blood, and high action sequences.
Monday, September 18, 2006
at Great American Music Hall (GAMH) (8pm)
from acoustic and slide guitar through to sleigh bells and cello. Having laid out their blueprint with 'Ratatat', their vastly improved production and writing makes 'Classics' a refinement of their art.
at The Cellar (10pm - 2am)
DJ L.O.C. of the Almighty DJs serves up the only Monday night dance party in the city with his sweet, sweet selection of hip hop, reggae dancehall, and R&B. Service Industry Night Drink Specials All Night Long! You may not make it in to work tomorrow!
This Week's Articles

photo credit: Chrissy Loader
Mission of Burma
By Chrissy_Gruninger (Sep 07, 2006)
Open since 1992, Burma Superstar is a clean, cheerful restaurant, located on bustling Clement Street with a notorious wait list and a menu that reflects Burma’s place within the world. That is, as a country bordered by Bangladesh, India, China, Laos, and Thailand, the Burmese borrow from their neighbors -- from stir-fries to rich curries to deep-fried fritters and salads with fish sauce and nuts -- in order to create a unique cuisine that brings together the region’s favorites.
Missy Suicide
An Interview with Missy Suicide
By Matt_Crawford (Sep 07, 2006)
The Suicide Girls are more than modern day website babes that flash a lot of skin with ink and piercings. In just five years, the brand has morphed from a small website based in Portland, Oregon, to a multi-national company that, in addition to promoting a sexy punk rock ethos, pushes clothes, books, DVDs and CDs. The racy Suicide Girls dance troupe visits San Francisco at The Independent for two nights, starting Sept. 14.
Brian Aubert of The Silversun Pickups
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha_Vladimirskiy (Sep 07, 2006)
Once again the folks at Popscene have done it right on a nice Friday night. I had walked into 330 Ritch to hear and see some good music and once again I wasn’t disappointed. On this night it was the Silversun Pickups and Sparta. If you haven’t heard of either of these bands get your head out of the sand and go out and find them! The Silversun Pickups took the stage first with front man Brian Aubert simply killing it, flawless guitar that makes your mind run non stop and Christopher Guanlao’s drums that just f**king rock. These guys tore a new one through the club.
Released on Warner Bros. Records, 7/11/06
By VinCi_Chan (Sep 07, 2006)
Muse makes loud their rattle again with their looming apocalyptic sci-fi space continuum odyssey called Black Holes And Revelations. This fourth release sidesteps their obvious influences of Radiohead, and Nirvana made evident previously with their debut release, Showbiz, less radio-friendly, Origin Of Symmetry, and their third "shake-hands-with-America-release" Absolution.
Released on Sony, 7/25/06
By Jenny_Miyasaki (Sep 07, 2006)
Although Sufjan Stevens has ostensibly cornered the market on the “concept album” these days, Mew, a prog rock outfit out of Denmark, is reviving and improving upon the rock opera concept with their latest release, a grandiose -- and often ostentatious -- album that is true to epic form. And the Glass Handed Kites is a dense odyssey that borders on being mathematical with intricate and deliberate compositions and unexpected changes in meter and rhythm.
Released on Asthmatic Kitty Records, 10/24/06
By lynne_angel (Sep 07, 2006)
This album sure does make me uncomfortable. I’m not sure what it is. Perhaps the sneaky flats thrown into a routine pop progression, or the jarring yet certain lo-fi approach taken to the recording. The flash flood stops and starts. The seemingly nonsensical guitar and keyboard insertions. Heck. The vocals. Period. The Curtains’ latest release, Calamity may be just that, but in one of the best ways possible. It’s interesting. It’s weird. And it leaps and bounds above the majority of music being pumped into the ears of the youth of today. Hoorah Curtains! You are interesting!
images courtesy of  Focus Features
Superman Returns
By Rossiter_Drake (Sep 07, 2006)
The death of George Reeves, the actor who first turned Superman into a TV icon, has been shrouded in mystery ever since the Beverly Hills Police Department deemed it a suicide in 1959. Hollywoodland, a stylish slice of noir informed by the same acerbic wit that produced classics of the genre like Chinatown and The Big Sleep, reopens the case and searches for answers. Naturally, it doesn’t find any -- a lamentable, if unavoidable, downside to any true-crime tale steeped in murky facts. Even so, it poses a series of intriguing questions.
A Man In Search Of His Elephants
By Rossiter_Drake (Sep 08, 2006)
In The Protector, Tony Jaa shatters arms, legs, skulls and every other conceivable body part in search of his favorite elephants, and why not? He descends from an ancient Thai order of elephant keepers, brave souls who protect the sacred animals for their royal owners. When two of his charges are stolen by the minions of an evil mob boss (Xing Jing) and shipped to Australia, where they will presumably be turned into an expensive entrée, his head-crushing journey begins.
Abercrombie & Witch
By Rossiter_Drake (Sep 08, 2006)
In 1692, four families of powerful sorcerers from the Ipswich Colony of Massachusetts joined forces to banish a rival clan of mystical evildoers from their midst. That clan, which tapped into the dark side of the force light years before Anakin Skywalker made it trendy, was thought to have disappeared, their bloodline cut short and their future eradicated. Meanwhile, the remaining families went on to stockpile prime New England real estate, invest in plastics and save up enough loot to send their modern-day descendants to posh private academies in shiny new convertibles and SUVs.
photo credit: Jialin Luh
Lingerie and Other Treats
By Jialin_Luh (Sep 07, 2006)
Across the street from Box Dog Bikes on 14th at Guerrero is the lovely boutique and gallery Porcelynne, where shoppers can find sweet lingerie along with unique clothing and jewelry, all handmade. This boutique showcases local designers, and many of the items here are one of a kind and unique to anything you will find in other boutiques.
Magnificently Mounted Masquerades of Metaphor
By Clifton_Lemon (Sep 07, 2006)
I don’t remember exactly when or where I first encountered Carrie Mae Weems’ work, but she left me with a distinct impression. It was like the first undiluted moment of recognition you have when you meet someone who will eventually change your life -- a teacher, a friend, a lover, or an enemy. I don’t have much use for most art or most artists these days. I’m so over piles of dirt in corners, post-religious art object worship, and the narcissistic, academic, post-structuralist prattle about “gendering” that’s been inflicted upon us for the last generation or so.

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