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Released on Rhymesayers Entertainment, 4/22/08
By VinCi Chan (Apr 19, 2008)
Is it possible for an indie hip hop band to go platinum? Atmosphere has proved it by selling millions of units and selling out at medium sized venues and they are anything but mediocre. Atmosphere is made up of a beat master named "Ant" and a rhyme-slayer named, "Slug". This mean emo-rap duo is out of Minneapolis and has such a huge underground following bubbling up in the mainstream that all we’re talking about is indie hip hop. More »
Released on Mercury Records, 4/29/08
By VinCi Chan (Mar 18, 2008)
Portishead standardized trip-hop back in the 90s, and after roughly ten years they give us [b]Third[/b], their aptly named third major release. Their music definitively changed the way people listened to music, infiltrating "pop" and pop culture as we know it today. The Bristol-based trio has taken a distinctive new course with their [b]Third[/b] apex. More »
Released on Lies Records, 3/18/08
By VinCi Chan (Mar 18, 2008)
“Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” Does electronica get any better than this? Crystal Castles are a boy and a girl group hailing from Toronto, Canada that can’t be contained as they leap over all sorts of borders with their premiere full-length, self-titled album, [b]Crystal Castles[/b]. More »
Released on Mute Records, 3/11/08
By VinCi Chan (Mar 06, 2008)
Dave Gahan rises from the ashes again, like the phoenix that he is, with another solo effort called [b]Hourglass[/b] giving birth to a sub collection called [b]Hourglass Remixes[/b]. More »
Released on Rhino Records 1/8/2008
By VinCi Chan (Jan 15, 2008)
The [b]Juno[/b] soundtrack plays like a sonic stepsister in recreating the motion picture experience. As enjoyable as the film was, I love this soundtrack as much as I love getting paper cuts on my skin, like nineteen paper cuts in all, the sum of tunes on this album. More »
Released on Columbia/Red Ink Records, 10/16/07
By VinCi Chan (Oct 21, 2007)
[b]It’s Not How Far You Fall, It’s The Way You Land[/b] is like a delicious, bottomless mudslide of the finest blend of elixirs that even the devout can’t renounce or get enough of. So wouldn’t that make British production rascals, Rich Machin and Ian Glover your relentless Soulsavers? More »
Released on EMI UK, 9/18/07
By VinCi Chan (Sep 05, 2007)
Fans of KT Tunstall’s will not be disappointed with her latest release [b]Drastic Fantastic![/b]. This Scottish journeywoman wows her audience again with her blend of easy-strum rock-pop-bop. The album is like listening to a soundtrack illuminating a moment of script from television or film. It is more intimate than "Dawson’s Creek" but as embraceable as say, "Grey’s Anatomy". More »
Released on Virgin, 6/26/07
By VinCi Chan (Jul 10, 2007)
As far as vocal stamps go, Bryan Ferry’s musical crest has come a long way from Roxy Music unto the present. With [b]Dylanesque[/b], he pays tribute to none other than counterculture hero, Bob Dylan, eleven times over with his choice of iconic Dylan tunes. More »
Released on Verve Records, 6/05/07
By VinCi Chan (Jun 27, 2007)
[b]We All Love Ella[/b] (and we all do) is a marquee studded vocal tribute to none other than Ella Fitzgerald, one of the finest, greatest legends from the Big Band Era. Dubbed as "the first lady of song", her legacy has been long recognized with thirteen Grammy awards and sold over forty million albums. More »
Released on Ultra Records, 4/04/07
By VinCi Chan (Jun 13, 2007)
The word is that Thomas Lorello got his moniker from an orange LSD tab and thus, Tommie Sunshine was born! [b]Tommie Sunshine Presents Ultra.Rock Remixed[/b] is a portmanteau of his hybrid art of modern rock unraveling with dance hall wonder stuff. Tommie Sunshine has found a unique way of blending the mid-80s sound with electro-dance without you feeling dated. More »
VinCi Chan's Articles
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