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By Jenny Miyasaki (Sep 20, 2006)
[b]Beartrap Island[/b] is the debut full-length effort from the Los Angeles based indie rock band Division Day. The band’s style of melody-driven rock doesn’t drown out so much as bolster and sweeten intellectual and discernable lyrics. Their sound will remind you immediately of other SoCal cohorts like Pinback, Earlimart, and Silversun Pickups. However, the range and complexity of [b]Beartrap Island[/b] sets Division Day apart from the others, in it’s own imaginative, introverted corner. More »
Released on Sony, 7/25/06
By Jenny Miyasaki (Aug 08, 2006)
Although Sufjan Stevens has ostensibly cornered the market on the “concept album” these days, Mew, a prog rock outfit out of Denmark, is reviving and [i]improving upon[/i] the rock opera concept with their latest release, a grandiose -- and often ostentatious -- album that is true to epic form. [b]And the Glass Handed Kites[/b] is a dense odyssey that borders on being mathematical with intricate and deliberate compositions and unexpected changes in meter and rhythm. More »
Released on North Street Records, 6/27/06
By Jenny Miyasaki (Jun 31, 2006)
Dirty on Purpose is the hottest thing to come out of Brooklyn since, well, since just about every other hot thing that has spread from Williamsburg across the rest of the culturally parched country like a wild brush fire. [b]Hallelujah Sirens[/b] is the band's full length follow-up to their impressive EP, [b]Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow [/b](North Street), the release of which last fall triggered a barrage of comparisons to fellow multi-instrumentalist dream poppers Yo La Tengo. More »
Self-released, 4/11/06
By Jenny Miyasaki (Jun 14, 2006)
I approached San Francisco’s emo rock outfit Birdmonster like I would a Jawbreaker. To my surprise, I discovered that the band embodies the hard-on-the-outside-but-surprisingly-soft-in-the-center aesthetic of this new “candy revolution”. On first listen, there’s no doubt that these boys rock -- hard. More »
Jenny Miyasaki's Articles
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