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Muse - Black Holes And Revelations

Released on Warner Bros. Records, 7/11/06

Muse makes loud their rattle again with their looming apocalyptic sci-fi space continuum odyssey called Black Holes And Revelations. This fourth release sidesteps their obvious influences of Radiohead, and Nirvana made evident previously with their debut release, Showbiz, less radio-friendly, Origin Of Symmetry, and their third "shake-hands-with-America-release" Absolution.

Matt Bellamy dominates this frontier with guitar buzzes, his falsetto carrying-on with the caroling of arias over Dominic Howard’s deep anthem-leading, cadence laced rhythmic undertows and Chris Wolstenholme’s squishy bass lines driving and grooving you into the mainstay of rock’s confederacy. Though the lyrics drip with doom and gloom, the music goes into light speed through its musical cosmos sometimes during just one song.

The funkiest tune off the album is undoubtedly their lead single “Supermassive Black Hole” while “City Of Delusion” dusts off the aromatics of a Moroccan Riviera with a trumpet reverie and a small orchestra to land you softly back in space. Electronic guns pointed this racing tribe into outer space that makes this album more dance able which also maybe the trend in present day in the likes of Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, Oasis. (Speaking of The Strokes, Muse have an upcoming show with them in Davis, CA.)

Muse started recording Black Holes And Revelations in the French countryside but decided to finish in the Big Apple as they were getting a case of cabin fever. And who, but none other than David Bowie dropped by to see what the boys were up to. Matt Bellamy choked on bringing himself to ask the icon to make a guest appearance. Not every tune is a hard hit off this stash but it’s truly a catchy ride through the constellations.

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars