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Tuesday, August 1 - Monday, August 7

Technically, summer is now in its last leg. With the exception of our recent heat wave, that means less fog and more sun for us!

Wait out the fog (or unbearable heat) with the gauzy, dreamy works at the Dolby Chadwick Gallery's exhibit "A Dream Half Remembered" or get pumped to high energy drumming at the Extra Action Marching Band's Bon Voyage Birthday Suit Party. And what better way to wade through the receding fog than dusting off a Rubik's Cube and heading to the Exploratorium for the 2006 Rubik's Cube United States National Championship?

Afterwards, don your best linen suit and a pair of loafers sans socks and head to Suite one8one for their Miami Vice Theme Party. Continue your homage to summer at the Aloha Fest, two days of entertainment and fabulous food brought to you by the Pacific Islanders' Cultural Association. Top it off the next day by getting your dance on with Brit rock quartet Editors at The Fillmore.


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Tuesday, August 1, 2006
at the Independent (8:30pm)
Joe Goddard and Alexis Taylor, the main men behind London's addictive, laid-back electro-soul outfit Hot Chip, have something on their minds. Call it a sort of metallic indie disco, soul-fed and calibrated with a keen sense of the ridiculous. It's all rather excellent. If you like your dance music intelligent but still accessible, with soulful harmonies and cheeky lyrics that surprise you with moments of deep feeling, Hot Chip comes highly recommended.
at Hemlock Tavern (9pm)
Valet makes extreme psychedelic music, featuring bands of heavily effected and delayed guitars played above Owens' ghostly bent-blues vocals, all working together to slip underneath your skin and vibrate your bones."
Wednesday, August 2, 2006
at Cafe du Nord (9pm)
Her sound has been described as everything from Norah Jones to Joni Mitchell, Fiona Apple to Alicia Keyes. It is tempting to make comparisons but she's much more than a carbon copy. In fact, she is anything but. Influenced by soul, jazz, rock, and pop-her writing is bold, honest, and edgy. Intelligent, unpredictable lyrics and melodies delivered courtesy of a truly soulful and powerful voice, Sara's music is something that definitely sets her apart.
at Dolby Chadwick Gallery (12pm - 5pm)
What is it about the paintings of Alex Kanevsky that rivets our attention? In part, it is because Kanevsky really knows how to paint. He executes his works with almost brash confidence. To view his paintings in the present coolly conceptual, yet politically charged, art environment stressing ideas over execution is like the relief of taking a cool drink of water in a parched desert.
Thursday, August 3, 2006
at Pacific Film Archive (PFA) (5:30 The River (Free Screening))
After an early career as a movie cowboy, Frank Borzage (1893-1962) made his reputation as a director of melodramas whose perennial theme was the sublimity of desire, the sexual and the spiritual intimately entwined. His exquisitely sensitive storytelling garnered box-office success and multiple Academy Awards (including the first ever for Best Director) in both the silent and sound eras, while the implied equation of lust and transcendence endeared his work to the Surrealists.
at 12 Galaxies (9pm)
No one has ever seen Oakland/San Francisco's Extra Action Marching Band actually march - at least not in a straight line and in the same direction. Instead, the fifteen-to-thirty-five inebriated troubadours ooze, shuffle, loiter, charge, and crawl around embracing their environment and quite frequently their audience. Defying categorization, this mutant lovechild of traditional peripatetic music and ecstatic turmoil consists of a hypnotic drum corps, a heady horn section, and a provocative, uplifting flag squadron that dazzles crowds with their dizzying dances.
at Rickshaw Stop (8pm)
One of the Bay Area's most accomplished songwriters, former leader of the Loved Ones, the Kinetics, and the Supernaturals. "East Bay native Bart Davenport has played practically everything but bluegrass, having led blues-rock revivalist bands and performed his own bossa nova, soft rock, and summertime pop tunes.
Friday, August 4, 2006
at the Exploratorium (10am - 5pm)
Watch the nation's greatest Rubik's Cube puzzle-solvers compete for the title of United States Champion!
at Suite one8one (9pm - 4am)
David Soto of Vanity SF and Adrian Presents a Miami Vice Theme Party Bust out your best Members Only jacket with your matching loafers and Ray Bans and get ready party like it's the 80s again!
at the Independent (9pm)
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Victoria George, the street-wise chanteuse with the indie country streak, hits her stride with her just-released sophomore album, the self-titled Victoria George. The impressive effort showcases George's remarkable range, both as singer and songwriter, with a deft mix of pop, country, coulful ballads, and bluesy alt/rock tracks.
at Greek Theater (6:30pm)
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YFIIP is now hailed as the touch-stone album that sparked the infiltration of Canadian music on to the international map (think The Arcade Fire, Stars, Metric, The Dears, Death From Above 1979, Feist...the list goes on). Over the following two and a half years BSS embarked on a grueling world tour, blowing away audiences from Canada, to the U.S., Europe and Japan.
at Great American Music Hall (9pm)
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Blending Bjork's visionary techno pop with the harmonic and improvisational elements of modern jazz, composer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Travis Sullivan has created a truly unique ensemble that transcends genre and style.
Saturday, August 5, 2006
at The Presidio (10am - 5pm)
The Pacific Islanders of the San Francisco Bay Area offer their talents in music and dance during this FREE ADMISSION, two-day festival of arts. Entertainment highlights include Pacific Islander music as well as Polynesian dance. The festival will also feature arts & crafts vendors, island cuisine, educational exhibits and workshops, and an `Ohana Korner with simple games for the kids!
at Cobb's Comedy Club (8pm (Fri & Sat also at 10:15pm))
Josh Blue is a diverse and triumphant individual - hilarious stand-up comedian, stand out guest star on television, talented artist, and stellar U.S. Paralympics Soccer player - refusing to bow to any of the challenges that come from living with Cerebral Palsy. Josh uses his incredible sense of humor and versatile personality to defy stereotypes and encourage others to overcome their preconceived notions about people who are considered "disabled".
at the Independent (9pm)
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Ledisi (meaning bring forth in Nigerian) was born in the Big Easy where she sang with New Orleans Symphony Orchestra when she was eight years old and spent many adolescent hours watching her mom perform with a local R&B band, often in a nearby park. After the family relocated to Oakland, CA, Ledisi followed her mom's lead and sang in a local band but left to form her own group and identity.
at Crash Nightclub (10pm - 3am)
Featuring Club Crash Resident Trevor Simpson (Ultra Records, Energy 92.7) spinning Funky, Sexy House and David Savior (Surreal, DavidSavior.com) spinning Hip-Hop & Mash-Ups!
Sunday, August 6, 2006
at A Traveling Jewish Theatre (7pm)
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A timely and relevant work that brings to life two historical figures that shaped the modern world. Edward Bernays and Harry Smith exerted tremendous influence in the economic and cultural spheres in the 20th century. "See That My Grave is Kept Clean" examines the biographies of two men who lived diametrically opposed lives. The juxtaposition of these two forces in culture, politics, and economics gives a view into the hidden battle for the soul of America.
at Sigmund Stern Grove (2pm) Spanish Harlem Orchestra and Ska Cubano
Grammy Award-winning Spanish Harlem Orchestra brings the best of salsa to the Grove. Assembled by the world famous pianist and arranger Oscar Hernández, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra makes a bold new case for pure salsa in an age of hybridized forms ...
Monday, August 7, 2006
at the Fillmore (9pm)
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Neo-post-punk quartet Editors formed in 2003. Originally dubbed Snowfield, the group comprised singer/guitarist Tom Smith, lead guitarist Chris Urbanowicz, bassist Russell Leetch, and drummer Ed Lay, all music technology students at Britain's Stafford University who relocated to Birmingham after graduation. A series of a well-received club dates and a single demo tape earned Editors the interest of British labels large and small, and after a bidding frenzy the group signed to a revitalized Kitchenware, the venerable British indie once home to Prefab Sprout.
at African American Art and Culture Complex (AAACC) (Visual Art Exhibit)
The AfroSolo Theatre Company celebrates its thirteenth annual, AfroSolo Arts Festival, a celebration of African American artists giving voice to the Black experience, August 1 through September 16, 2006, at two venues in San Francisco, CA. The title of this year's festival is United In Health: Artists, Health Workers and Community.
This Week's Articles
Photo Credit: Gloria Tai
Chinese Home Cooking
By Gloria_Tai (Jul 27, 2006)
Though easily non-distinguishable from most other Chinese restaurants in the Richmond, Dragon House possesses hole-in-the-wall charm in its soulful home-style cooking and in its service.
The Four Elements: Food, Liquor, Skateboarding and Rap
By Matt_Crawford (Jul 28, 2006)
After years of working the backline of the music industry, 24-year old Chicago native Lupe Fiasco has kicked and pushed his way to the forefront following the widespread success of "Kick, Push" a love song about skateboarding. The rapper returns to San Francisco Aug. 3rd for a performance at the Independent. His Atlantic Records debut, Lupe Fiasco's Food & Beer is set to hit stores later in the month.
Cee-Lo of Gnarles Barkley
SF Station Blows It Up
By Misha_Vladimirskiy (Jul 28, 2006)
The Doctor is in and his name is Gnarles Barkley or, as you may know him, Cee-Lo and Danger Mouse. I was standing in the pit in front of the stage as the band hit the stage dressed as nurses and from the first note the crowd went wild. Cee-Lo and Danger walked on to the stage dressed as Docs with their own flare. Cee-Lo's amazing voice is shown in every song on the album St. Elsewhere and is definitely shown on stage when he hits the high notes.
Released on Reprise Records 06/20/06
By VinCi_Chan (Jul 31, 2006)
Boston pop-meisters, Guster, chalk up yet another emotionally rich landscape of catchy, unfussy numbers with their fifth release, Ganging Up On The Sun. Showcasing their craftiness on the overly traveled pop-highway, this is clearly their most ambitious and effective effort to date.
Released on North Street Records, 6/27/06
By Jenny_Miyasaki (Jul 31, 2006)
Dirty on Purpose is the hottest thing to come out of Brooklyn since, well, since just about every other hot thing that has spread from Williamsburg across the rest of the culturally parched country like a wild brush fire. Hallelujah Sirens is the band's full length follow-up to their impressive EP, Sleep Late for a Better Tomorrow (North Street), the release of which last fall triggered a barrage of comparisons to fellow multi-instrumentalist dream poppers Yo La Tengo.
images courtesy of Focus Features
Light, Effervescent Film From a Filmmaker on Autopilot
By Mel_Valentin (Jul 27, 2006)
Scoop, Woody Allen's (Annie Hall, Bullets Over Broadway, Hannah and Her Sisters) latest film, continues his twin love affairs with a picture-postcard perfect London (his second film made there, after last year's Match Point) and latest muse, Scarlett Johansson (who also appeared in Match Point).
Mann Delivers a Darker, Dirtier Vision of Vice
By Rossiter_Drake (Jul 27, 2006)
Michael Mann has long maintained that any big-screen adaptation of the infamous television series "Miami Vice" would have to be 'done right' -- in other words, without the stylish pastels, the creamy silk blazers and pink t-shirts, and the lounge-lizard sensibilities that made officers Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs seem, at times, more like caricatures than cops. Under Mann's watchful eye, the series became a cultural phenomenon, but it was rooted firmly in the culture of the 80s. To translate his vision into the present day, Mann needed a darker, grittier sensibility, the kind that would be better suited to HBO than prime-time.
A Slow, Painful Death
By Rossiter_Drake (Jul 27, 2006)
John Tucker is so busted. He's an affable pretty boy and captain of the high-school basketball team, which seems only fair since he's the only 17-year-old white kid in America who can out-dunk Kobe Bryant. He's also dating three girls at the same time -- a cheerleader (Ashanti), a vegan (Sophia Bush) and an honors student (Arielle Kebbel), all blessed with the looks of twentysomething models. Once his dirty secret is exposed, they come to a solemn conclusion: John Tucker must die.
Well Worth the Trip to the Local Multiplex
By Mel_Valentin (Jul 27, 2006)
Combining quality animation (a practical given at this point), plus a well-paced, heartfelt, only occasionally didactic storyline about friendship, compassion, and community, The Ant Bully will keep kids entertained from the first frame to the last, while parents will find plenty to keep them visually engaged during The Ant Bully's 80-minute running time.
Oedipal Assassins
By Matt_Forsman (Jul 27, 2006)
Shadowboxer starts off with a bang (literally) as young Mikey (Cuba Gooding Jr.) pulls the trigger of his father's gun shattering the mirror he's looking at and with this simple act he becomes an assassin just like his dad. While the act of pulling a trigger may have been simple, the life that is thrust upon Mikey is the furthest thing from simple.
Sleek Spa Services
By Daniel_Goldstein (Jul 27, 2006)
Some spas provide an escape from the habitual by evoking, say, the tropics, Tuscany, or Japan. Remède Spa, which opened in November of 2005 in the new forty-story St. Regis Hotel, takes a different approach.
Get It While You Can
By Clifton_Lemon (Jul 21, 2006)
Five minutes into "Love, Janis", and I'm totally like "Whoa. Dude. The 60s." Unlike many of you out there, I was around then and still remember a lot of it, like hearing Janis on the radio every day, along with Jimmy and Aretha and Carlos Santana and Sam and Dave and the Doors and the Mamas and the Papas and a lot more, all on the same station. I can honestly say that "Love, Janis" made me remember what acid flashbacks (or at least what we thought were acid flashbacks) felt like.
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