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Artwork by Sylvia Ji, courtesy of TheArtPrint.net
Tue Jan 8 - Mon Jan 14, 2008
When it rains in the Bay Area, it really pours. But after a week of wet weather, it's time to leave the warmth of our nests and breathe in some fresh air, even if it means wearing a few more layers and toting around an umbrella the size of Texas. Here are some events that'll be worth braving the elements. This Thursday former renowned rock poster designer turned toymaker, Frank Kozik, will be signing books at Babylon Falling. And isn't parting such sweet sorrow? Presented by the Chinese National Opera "Farewell My Concubine" tells the tale of the warlord Xiang Yu and his lady love Yu Ji. This will be a one-of-a-kind operatic experience and runs this weekend only. For another unique opportunity, there's outsider musician Jandek who's making a rare billed appearance at Cafe du Nord Saturday night. And who says SF isn't kid-friendly? Bring the tykes out for Family Appreciation Day where families will be treated to free admittance to over 35 city attractions.
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Tuesday, January 8, 2008
at 111 Minna Gallery (5pm)
In collaboration with Fashion Replant magazine. A Fashion Show Featuring Skunkfunk Spring/Summer Line 08 with DJ Jacqueline Tieu.
at Pink (9pm)
Resident Disc Jocks: LXNDR [indie/synthpop] and LOVERDE [electro/eurosh*t].
Wednesday, January 9, 2008
at Bottom of the Hill (8pm)
Formed in late 1997 in San Diego, the Black Heart Procession have been described as beautifully bleak and brooding indie rock with a dark side. Lyrically touching on the melancholy side of human nature, the five-piece band is appropriately named given its themes of isolation, depression, and heartache...
at Icon Ultra Lounge (9pm)
The Martin Brothers (Dirtybird, Buzz n' Fly, Om Records) & Colossus aka King Kooba (Om Records, Freerange Records). Also with DJ Fluid (Om Records), Michael Tello (Om Records, Love It!, Boombay). And in the back room: Om:Soul with J Boogie & Rob G.
Thursday, January 10, 2008
at Babylon Falling (7pm)
The man credited with single-handedly reviving the concept of rock posters as an art form, Frank Kozik was first exposed to the counterculture world of "designer art toys" on a trip to Japan in 1996. His collecting hobby soon mutated into a new profession, and in 2002 Kozik made the leap from illustrator to toy designer...
at Great American Music Hall (8pm)
Entrance is the musical vehicle of Guy Blakeslee, a self-taught Visionary singer and musician from Los Angeles via Baltimore, Maryland. "Prayer of Death" is the fourth Entrance recording, but it is the first to feature all original compositions: a fully amplified electric orchestra and a high-flying, free-flowing sense of spiritual theater inspired by the Tibetan Book of the Dead, Timothy Leary, and Delta-Blues legend Charley Patton...
at The Voice Factory (8pm)
ZaZa Dance Theatre presents a work by Theresa Dickinson about tectonic aeons in the world of the brain. Aerial and terrestrial movement is set in a web of rope, live music and dancing minerals. Performers travel through telescoped history, moving rocks, organically weird situations--always adapting, changing, trying to survive...
Friday, January 11, 2008
at Cow Palace (see listing for exact times)
The biggest names in custom paint, bodywork, metal and chrome will gleam under the bright lights of the Cow Palace for the 8th annual Rod, Custom, and Motorcycle Show. Over 550 custom cars and motorcycles from across the country will roar in for the three-day event...
at CounterPULSE (8pm)
"The Rova Quartet, with Liz Allbee, Carolyn Lechusza Aquallo, MaryClare Brzytwa, Karen Stackpole and LaDonna Smith, will investigate The Art of the Improvisation, to create unique events by equal individuals at this unique point in time. “The Impulse is the catalyst, improvisation is action and the exploration" --LaDonna Smith
at War Memorial Opera house (8pm)
The Chinese American Inter-Cultural Exchange Foundation is proud to present the groundbreaking 'Western-style' interpretation of the classic Chinese love story, "Farewell My Concubine." This famous love story is set at the end of the Qin dynasty and revolves around Chinese warlord Xiang Yu and his beloved Yu Ji.
Saturday, January 12, 2008
at Giant Robot (6pm - 10pm)
Hwang's latest work integrates the craft aesthetic of quilting and sewing with nautical themes such as color-block flags. As the title implies, "Salvage" is about searching for something lost and preventing further loss in adverse circumstance: picking up the pieces--glimmers of hope, pieces of oneself--and starting anew.
at 20 goto 10 (7pm - 11pm)
Ansi art is a computer artform using text characters on computers with MS-DOS (before windows) which was popular in the late 80's and early to mid 90's. It was mainly used for BBSes, which was software that would allow users to dial into the computer over a phone line and, using a terminal program, interact with it, read/post on forums, and exchanging messages, exchange files. being only text on a terminal, artists never really pictured this as a limitation.
at Cafe du Nord (7:30pm)
Jandek is one of music's genuine outsiders, around whom a whole series of conspiracy theories and myths have sprung up. Reclusive to an extreme, Jandek has only ever given two interviews, one via phone with a Spin magazine journalist in 1985, and one in 1999, when an intrepid journalist tracked him down, and shared a conversation over a beer with the man himself...
at Zellerbach Hall (8pm)
A musical first in the West, the Monterey Jazz Festival has proved to be both artistically ambitious and great fun, regularly showcasing the brightest stars in the jazz universe. Celebrating its 50th anniversary, the Festival hits the road with a roster of musical heavyweights representing the very best in modern jazz.
at 330 Ritch Street (9pm)
"More likeable than Lily, far less frightening than Wino... brimming with clever observations and inventive tunes" - The Big Album, Zoo. The UK's latest sensation makes her SF debut at a special Satuday Night Popscene Live Session! This show is one of four shows in the US!
at Madrone (9pm - 2am)
Cabbage Patch Kids, Rubik's Cube, Live Aid, Flashdance, Purple Rain, Beat Street, Yo MTV Raps, spandex, leggings & shoulder pads! Bust out your retro gear be it new wave, punk or hip-hop & enjoy this flashback to the 80's. Like... totally awesome - gag me with a spoon!
Sunday, January 13, 2008
at Various Locations (11am - 4pm)
San Francisco families with children are invited to visit their city's wonderful attractions for free! Enjoy Free Entrance for the Entire Family at major SF attractions like the Asian Art Museum, Cable Car Museum, California Academy of Sciences, Contemporary Jewish Museum, deYoung Museum, Exploratorium, Haas Lilienthal House, Museum of Craft and Folk Art, Palace of the Legion of Honor, San Francisco Maritime Museum, San Francisco Zoo, Zeum and more!
at Slim's (8pm)
Driven by undeniable passion, Finch dive headlong into songs laden with raw intensity to create a perfect union of post-hardcore angst and melodic rock dynamics. With a tip of the hat to their musical peers and influences, Finch confidently push at the boundaries set before them...
at Independent (9pm)
"Ludicrous, bizarre, and uniquely original, few DJs have made such a splash in the dancehall scene than Eek-A-Mouse. An artist who in any other country would have been a one-hit wonder, in Jamaica became a household name having invented a whole new vocal style, sing-jay, flooding the airwaves with his catch phrases and going on to become a respected toaster..."
Monday, January 14, 2008
at Commonwealth Club of California (6pm)
What is public television's role in a YouTube world? How are Big Bird and Bill Moyers surviving in a crowded, yet increasingly consolidated, media landscape? Kerger is working to position public television as a vital resource nationwide. What are the challenges in running a public service media organization against sweeping change in both the media and philanthropic world, and periodic threats from Capitol Hill?
at Cody's Books in Berkeley (7pm)
Four decades after the party's demise, the Black Panthers continue to inspire new stories, hip-hop artists, reality television, and enough films to justify a Black Panther film festival. Jane Rhodes, dean of the Study of Race and Ethnicity and chair of the American studies department at Macalester College, charts the Black Nationalist's extraordinary rise to the status of media icons, and explains the fascination that the Panthers continue to hold.
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