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Heather DíAngelo of Au Revoir Simone

Keyboard Trio Perform in SF Before Winter Hibernation

After a year of extensive touring around the world, Brooklyn keyboard trio Au Revoir Simone return to San Francisco for one last performance before taking a break for the first half of 2008 to write and record their third album. Heather DíAngelo spoke with SF Station during a phone interview from Los Angeles, where she was vacationing with her boyfriend.

SF Station (SFS): Have you been enjoying your time on the West Coast?

Heather DíAngelo (HD): I have enjoyed it very much, actually. Usually when we are in L.A., we are just here for shows. I usually donít get to see much of it. Weíve been taking really long drives. I got to see Topanga and Huntington Gardens in Pasadena. Iím seeing a lot more of California than usual.

SFS: Some of your resolutions and goals from interviews you did around this time last year included 'destroying all of your enemies and having more positive energy'. Do you have any goals for 2008?

HD: Those are definitely facetious answers, but I suppose there is some truth to them. Itís been a really good year, so itís hard to be negative when everything is going really well. We had a really great year of traveling and touring.

SFS: Are you excited to take a break after your January mini-tour?

HD: Yeah, Iím really happy to be home -- we all are. Weíve been touring for so long and itís really hard for us to write new music when we are on the road. We are pretty much doing nothing until May, except for writing our third album, practicing together in the studio, and just being a normal band again.

Iím going to be back in school in the spring semester. Iím really happy about that, and the girls will be spending time with their husbands who have been long neglected.

SFS: What are you studying?

HD: Iím studying at Columbia to be an astrophysicist.

SFS: How do you juggle your studies with the band?

HD: I havenít been in school since the summer of 2006, so it has been a while. The program I am in is designed for artists and mothers and people who have other careers. I can take as much time as I want off and return to the program, which is really difficult, especially for science.

Iíll be back in school for a semester, but I canít say that I will be returning in the fall. I imagine we will probably be releasing our album and getting ready to tour.

SFS: Are you still the official drum programmer?

HD: Yeah, officially, but the girls definitely have ideas about what kind of drums they want to hear. Everybody brings an idea for a song to the table. Sometime those ideas are more realized than others.

SFS: How did you get thrown into that role?

HD: When the band started, we met at Erikaís house with our old Casios. We were just hanging out, drinking tea and trying to figure out old 80s pop songs. Erika had a drum machine, and they are much better keyboard players than I am. They have been playing longer, so they were using both of their hands and couldnít push any of the drum machine buttons. I had wanted to play drums since I was little, and I just saw a role that needed to be filled.

SFS: All three of you look alike; do people get confused about who is who?

HD: Yeah, people always get confused and call me Erika or Annie.

SFS: Do you ever intentionally try to confuse people?

HD: No, but we should.

Au Revoir Simone performs at the Independent on January 26th. Doors are at 8:30pm and the show starts at 9pm. Tickets are $12.