A great enclosed area with ramps, stairs, rails, mounds, walls, and more.   I've seen people with bikes, razors, in-line skates and of course, skate boarders, young and old. The Balboa Skatepark is a great upgrade to Balboa Park in general and... more
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In November of 2013, there was a roller disco party held at the old Sacred Heart Church at Fell and Fillmore Street. The place had been lying dormant for years when David Miles, San Francisco's "GodFather of Skate" got his crew together, cleaned up t... more
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DLX has been connected with skate boarding for many years now. Integrated in the community and carrying a great line of everything you need - from the board and trucks to clothing. more
A little skate shop in the middle of the city. more
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Our new store is much larger and nicer with a women's section and full sneaker living room. FTC is a 50% core skate and 50% clothing boutique with an ongoing art gallery of photos and paintings. Established in 1986. more
Golden Gate Park in general and this little paved skate area "is heaven for Bay Area inline skaters and roller skaters who like to boogie to the funky beat on wheels. The area is is called, "Skatin' Place". It is located at 6th Avenue and Kennedy Dri... more
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At the end of Utah Street, near 25th Street, is Potrero del Sol, otherwise known as La Raza Park. The park has pathways and benches, rolling hills, lawns and trees. The Portrero Skate Park replaced a pond at the lower end of the park. There is plent... more
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Smack-clack, smack-clack, smack-clack. The sound of a skateboard rolling down the sidewalk still causes me to swivel my head. Though I've never owned a board, and have only randomly ridden around parking lots or driveways, I've always been interested... more
A very cool skate park on the edge of the park and immediately near the Upper Haight. Lines, benches / ledges. Every Friday, SF Park & Rec brings in ramps and rails. more
The Waller Street Skatepark doesn't feature huge ramps or a large bowl, but the skatepark has a long tradition as a meeting point for skaters around the city, before heading into the GGPark, Panhandle, or just raising a little cain on the Upper Haigh... more