Skates On Haight

1818 Haight St, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.752.8375
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Shopping, Sports & Recreation, Skate Shop
Sun - Sat (10am - 6pm)
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Smack-clack, smack-clack, smack-clack. The sound of a skateboard rolling down the sidewalk still causes me to swivel my head. Though I've never owned a board, and have only randomly ridden around parking lots or driveways, I've always been interested in the sport, not only for the creativity of the moves that the skaters invent, but also for its general edginess.

Although the sport of skateboarding has long held an outlaw reputation, skateboarding has become a multi-billion dollar industry over the last few decades. The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association recently reported that 2.6 million Americans regularly ride skateboards, about the same number of people who play America's favorite pastime of baseball. -- Michelle Sieling