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The Independent
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Solwave is a young, energetic quartet, eagerly exploring the full spectrum of rock n’ roll. While youth is on their side, the band has had no shortage of accomplishments in their young history. In February 2013 Solwave recorded with Gordon Raphael, producer of The Strokes, as well as worked with with King Of Leon's mastering engineer, Richard Dodd.

While their average age is a mere 22, Joe Collins (keys/ vocals) and the Ferdon brothers (bass and guitar) have been writing songs together for nearly a decade, giving Solwave their biggest asset- a 100-song catalog and vast range. The band’s experience playing together speaks to their genre-blending ability and prolific songwriting. When drummer Moise Seri joined in 2012, the band locked into the groove they were waiting for. Their influence from artists such as Muse, The Killers, and The Strokes also nurtures their not being afraid to explore different styles. However, Solwave digs much deeper into the groove than many of these well-known contemporary pop bands. Solwave brings an element of old school R&B and soul to their rock n’ roll that is well beyond the range of most bands.

Their live set is certainly not to be missed. Collins possesses the frontman magnetism emblematic of Jim Morrison, while the Ferdon brothers rage furiously across the stage, reminiscent of the Flea-Frusciante tandem. Seri is the clock, pounding his kit with force and ease.

The energy of these young rockers is certainly not left onstage when the performance ends. Rather, this outfit is fully committed to carving their way through the 21st century matrix of rock n’ roll. In 2012 they brought on their fifth, non-playing member- Mac Walker. Under Walker’s guidance, the band toured California, raised venture capital funding, and completed 2012 with a string of four straight sellouts in their hometown, San Francisco. 2013 has proved no different. Solwave recorded with Raphael in between Southwest and Northwest tours in February and March. Their schedule will not let up as they will keep the momentum rolling with single releases from the Raphael sessions, a debut music video, and continuous touring.

The Sam Chase

The Sam Chase has a voice like a Nun on the lam with a mouthful cigarettes and curse words in a lonely bar, drunkenly dancing next to a broken jukebox. His songs are scribbled, not written, on lipstick and sweat stained motel bedsheets because he likes the way the ink bleeds. His guitar runs on diesel and leaks like the morning after too much Whiskey. His is a show you'll probably want to tattoo on your body so everyone will know that you knew him before he was cool. He began to write music at the age of 14. He still has every scrap of paper he scribbled his terrible lyrics on and on occasion can even recall the infantile melodies and riffs that accompanied them.
In 2012, the world was gifted the release of his long awaited first studio album, THE SAM CHASE WILL LEAD US TO VICTORY. Its aim is to blow your mind. Its goal is world peace, where everyone wins, where victory is a basic human right. If all goes according to plan, The Sam Chase will lead you there.

THE SAM CHASE has had the honor to share the stage with some incredible acts such as: K.D. Lang and the Sis Boom Bang, Justin Townes Earle, Lucinda Williams, Poor Man's Whiskey, Herman Dune, The Brothers Comatose, and many more. He sees every stage, any raised surface, or any plot of land as a challenge to conquer it, and win the audience over. THE SAM CHASE is coming for the glory.

Down And Outlaws

Down and Outlaws are a band of wanderers, four lost souls playing music like they don't have a choice. They walk a line between classic rock, blues and psych, creating a unique sound centered on their own modern anxiety and heart.


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