Event has passed (Fri Feb 7, 2014 - Fri Feb 7, 2014)
Fox Theater - Oakland
8:00 pm


Presale begins Thursday, December 5th at 10am!
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Please note that presale tickets are only available online. The general on sale begins Friday, December 6th at noon.

It started to go well for Sonny Moore, someone you may know better as Skrillex, when he filtered out the noise and distraction of his world as a solo artist and started mining the ephemeral moments he had been sharing with friends in clubs and parties across the city he calls home since his mid-teen years. The restless, urgent and kaleidoscopic sounds of EDM and bass music had spoken to him for the best part of a decade, one day he just started talking back. Now with shimmering LED walls, 3D light shows, pyrotechnics and a relentless thirst to create live experiences of ever-increasing drama and spectacle, the challenge is to keep the fluidity and flexibility that hallmarked and aided his swift ascent. "Skrillex is a band when it comes to performing live these days," he admits. "Whatever room or arena we are in everyone is fully in the moment. My lighting and video guys are all working in real time while I'm onstage and the best compliment I get after a set is when someone asks about how I pre-program my set or use midi to get the audio/visual experience so tight. I love what we create because at any given moment everything could change. The people I have working with me are all so musical, we just create a vibe and feed offit along with everyone else in the club. It feels like a band jamming together most nights, but instead of the typical instruments we have lights, decks, LED, cryogenics and fire."


  1. Fox Theater - Oakland
    1807 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland, CA