Raw Thought At the DNA Lounge - 4 DJs with Awesome Visuals and an Immersive Art Installation

Event has passed (Fri Jan 11, 2019 - Fri Jan 11, 2019)
DNA Lounge
Activism / Cause, Art, Clubs, LGBTQ, Music


Raw Thought was the name of Aaron Swartz' blog, and his writings and life hath inspired a monthly gathering of music, life & looking beneath the surface, also named "Raw Thought."

Mind bending visuals, generated live by Projekt Seahorse will be projected on four screens in two rooms. Back in the Psychedelic Chill Room, an immersive art installation completes the transformation, courtesy of the one and only Grumpy Green.

Our crew of seasoned DJs and experimental upstarts (both human and alien) will combine to keep your heart pumping in two rooms!

7:30-9:30 Q & A About Aaron Swartz (Vegan Pizza Served)

DJs at 10pm.

Raw Thought was the name of Aaron’s prolific blog, and one of the main goals of these events – besides providing a great place to meet people and dance – is to continue to spread Aaron’s knowledge and ideas to a larger audience.

Raw Thought is a monthly dance event at the Above DNA Lounge – with a big room in front and a Psychedelic Chill Room in back, and DJs going, simultaneously, in both, from 10pm-2am.

Each Raw Thought features the sounds of the “Raw Thought Crew” – Six DJs with varying styles and flavors; all very experimental and progressive in nature. Some of them have more than one persona :)

Also featured are freshly generated, mind bending visuals courtesy of Projekt Seahorse. LGTBQ community-building and positive vibes here!



  1. DNA Lounge 375 11th Street, San Francisco, CA