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at Mirus Gallery (see times)
Saturday, October 23, 2013, 6-10PM (San Francisco, CA) -- Mirus Gallery is pleased to present Quintessence, a solo exhibition featuring new works by San Francisco based artist Damon Soule. In conjunction with the exhibition the artist will be debuting his first limited edition bronze sculpture titled, Infinitree. The exhibition will also include an interactive sculptural sound installation created by the Existential Action Team. Having previously exhibited in the Gallery’s inaugural exhibition, Quintessence curated by Brian Chambers marks the artists first solo endeavor with the gallery.

Soule's work is highly complex and imaginative in both practice and concept. Fueled by his inherent investigative and obsessive curiosity, he employs an array of scientific and artistic systems to create his paintings including polarity, abstraction, alchemy, geometry, quantum physics, surrealism, molecular biology, meta physics, ancient symbolism, cosmology, Buddhism, sci-fi fantasy, cyber-infrastructures, the global, digital subatomic and infinitely vast multiverses we may find ourselves in at any given moment.

His use of bright colors and hyper crisp geometric patterns, interwoven through n-dimensional topographies, create abstract forms and Zen like mandalas that gravitate towards the infinite and eternal interconnectedness. Electrifying and activating the conscious and unconscious transcending both time and space. The viewer is immediately engaged in a visual dialogue between the artist and the divine Quintessence.

The exhibition will include an interactive sculptural sound installation, created by the Existential Action Teams Information Technologies Department (E.A.T.I.T) D23 Electron, Sparkles Positron and Cool Story. The installation will provide infinite combinations of complex sounds and circuitry. Using hand built analog synthesizers, circuit bent toys and electronics fused with an array of modified traditional instruments. Offering visitors the opportunity to create, collaborate and experience the phenomenon of serendipity through spontaneous action and the exchange of energy.

Further elaborating on Soule’s attempts to question and demonstrate systems which arrive from spontaneous and ordered situations alike.

About the Artist

Damon Soule was spontaneously infused in our solar system via the planet Earth, 1974, and began expanding annually in a location sometimes referred to as the Crescent City. Around the age of four, he began work on his lifelong pursuit concerning the application of homogeneous forms to linear topography. Exposure to such a wide range of serendipity during his formative years provided him with a unique vision: “self determined entropy can produce highly contagious effects,” he recalls. Damon’s visualizations have been exhibited throughout the universe. His work is included in the permanent collections of nearly all of his friends, as well as many private collectors.

About the Curator
Brian Chambers is an American art dealer, collector, visionary and independent curator. In 1996, inspired by 1960s Psychedelic Art, Chambers began collecting the artwork of Alex Grey, Rick Griffin, Salvador Dali and ephemera signed by Albert Hofmann. In 2008, upon introduction to the work of artists Damon Soule, Mars-1 and Oliver Vernon, Chambers was captivated and imbued with a sudden sense of purpose. 

Informed by his experience in collecting and fueled by his new found passion for what he believes to be the discovery of a group of colleagues, who simultaneously and individually were gravitating towards a paralleled complexity. This complexity was emerging and reshaping visual art and art history. To Chambers, this was equivalent to stumbling upon the Beat Generation, or the Abstract Expressionist pre-definition. 

Chambers began orchestrating private commissions for his own collection, as well as several others. In 2009, he began an ongoing experimental project commissioning a series of collaborations between a selected group of artists: Damon Soule, Mars-1, Oliver Vernon, David Choong Lee, Nome Edonna, Doze Green and Alex Grey. Over the next five years, under the moniker Furtherrr, the group operated outside of the traditional institution. Mounting week long performances, public murals, and work shops in New York, California, Arizona, Nevada and New Orleans, thus offering the vast public a look into the art of collaboration and process. 
In 2012, Chambers co-curated Mirus Gallery’s inaugural exhibition “Crucible”, featuring a selection of collaborative works from Furtherrr. Having amassed a growing collection of roughly 300 pieces over the last 15 years, Chambers’ vision has begun to crystalize. Brian Chambers has returned to San Francisco for his recent curatorial endeavor, “Quintessence”, a solo exhibition by Damon Soule, which will be opening at Mirus Gallery in November 2013.

About Mirus Gallery

Mirus Gallery is a dynamic exhibition space established by entrepreneur Paul Hemming. The gallery features a program of contemporary artwork by emerging and mid-career artists in both solo and thematically organized group shows. Mirus Gallery highlights work that emphasizes skill and process and aims to engage viewers on a sentient, emotional, and evocative level.

Gallery Hours
Tuesday – Saturday 10-6

540 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA

Gallery Contact
[email protected]
Saturday, October 23, 2013, 6-10PM (San Francisco, CA) -- Mirus Gallery is pleased to present Quintessence, a solo exhibition featuring new works by San Francisco based artist Damon Soule. In conjunction with the exhibition the artist will be debuting his first limited edition br...
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Mirus Gallery
540 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94104


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