Panoptic Beauty

Event has passed (Sat Nov 3, 2018 - Mon Dec 3, 2018)
Luna Rienne Gallery
12noon - 6pm
Gallery Opening, Art


This three-person exhibition featuring artists Amandalynn, Bunnie Reiss, and Ursula Young.

Panoptic Beauty showcases the ability of the three artists to scale their work from small drawings on paper to gigantic murals, all the while maintaining quality of line and use of color. Similarly, their unique styles present beautifully at any size. Amandalynn, Bunnie Reiss, and Ursula Young all began their art careers in the San Francisco Bay Area and have since exhibited and created murals all over the world.

Ursula Xanthe Young is a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer whose urban fairy tale images have become a trademark of street culture in San Francisco and beyond. Her fine-lined illustrations and colorful modern paintings exude a style that is unique and appealing to art lovers of all kinds. Young grew up in the green rural dales of Northern England and studied art in New York, Florence, Vermont, Oslo, and London. After graduating from Parsons School of Design (BFA Illustration 1996), she moved to San Francisco’s Lower Haight district and spent nearly a decade there. Following a stint in Alaska, Ursula has settled in Grass Valley CA, where she now lives and works.

Amandalynn is a San Francisco-based muralist, fine artist, conservator, and art director. Inspired by the female form and spirit, she depicts strong, seductive women and illustrates their strength through line work and decorative patterning. Her work can be found in galleries and streets all over the world. She began developing her distinct street art style mural work in 2001, painting alongside infamous graffiti collective The Seventh Letter. She believes that sharing the creative process with others is the key to an inspired life. Amandalynn has a Bachelor's of Fine Art from the San Francisco Academy of Art.

Bunnie Reiss is a muralist and fine artist whose work is heavily influenced by her Easter European background, with its tradition of folk art, saturated colors, animals, nature, and community engagement. Her extensive travels add an extra layer of conversation, which make her creations extremely unique. Her murals and larger installation work are looked upon as a spell, an offering, and a place for people to gather. She has exhibited in galleries and created brightly colored murals through the US and around the world. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Joshua Tree.


  1. Luna Rienne Gallery 3318 22nd St, San Francisco, CA