Luna Rienne Gallery

3318 22nd St, San Francisco, CA
+1 415.647.5888
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Arts, Gallery
Sun (11am - 7pm)
Mon - Fri (5pm - 7pm)
Sat (11am - 7pm)
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At Luna Rienne Gallery (formerly Fabric 8) you can tap into independent San Francisco artists' works:  from art, to clothing, to housewares that will spruce up your living space.

blue skies ... green grass ... glowing baseboards ... entryway by FERRIS PLOCK ... wood stain mural, floor, and ceiling by BRIAN BARNECLO, SIRRON NORRIS, URSULA YOUNG, and NOMZEE ... installation / yard sale by ROMANOWSKI ... 8x8 canvases at $80-100 ... tees ... music .. art books ... toys ... kids clothes ... and more!