NVO at the Independent

Event has passed (Fri Jun 20, 2014 - Fri Jun 20, 2014)
The Independent
Doors 8:30pm - Show: 9:00pm
$10 - $12
Music, Electronic Music


NVO is bringing a brand new stage show and a host of special guests to round out another magnificent evening at The Independent! Bring your dancin shoes and stunner shades, as this will be one for the record books.

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Hailing from San Francisco, NVO is a live electronic band dedicated to moving minds and dance floors with original songs, remixes, visuals, and light shows. The group's four-piece core features Greg Maximov on drums, DUDHAUS (aka Justin Ward) on effects and sequencers, Chuck Jones on turntables and samplers, and Mike Laglia on electric guitar and lap steel. With sounds and influences spanning genres, and live shows featuring equal parts ethereal dream states, dirty warehouse raves, and sci-fi movie samples, NVO continues to amaze audiences with their unique approach to live electronica and club rocking bangers.

Website: http://nvomusic.com/
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/nvomusic
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/neurovoltaic
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/officialNVO
Twitter: https://twitter.com/nvomusic

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Nym & Spherelet

Nym (Lewis Scaife) grew up on a small farm outside the small Civil War town of Fredericksburg, Virginia. In his teens he was deeply compelled by hip hop instrumentalism and the sweeter tones of European trip hop. Unable to remain a passive listener, he began sifting through old records, amassing a library of innumerable and obscure sound clips to piece together into what would become a signature sound. In his exploration of contemporary music technology, Nym earned a reputation as a resilient electronics hacker. He performs with handmade and home-­programmed musical instruments composed of found objects, non­-musical components and contemporary sensor technology.

In 2008 Nym packed his gear and headed west to establish roots in San Francisco, where a chance meeting brought Nym and Spherelet together in a dimly lit San Francisco saloon. A talented vocalist and multi­i-nstrumentalist, the native Californian singer (Melissa Rakowitz) debuted on Nym’s interpretation of the classic folk standard “900 Miles,” lending her lyricism to play the role of a homesick and desperate drifter.

At once emotively sincere and tongue-­in-­cheek, Spherelet’s influences range from minimalist folk to dirty synth pop. She performs in a diverse range of other projects and genres, including the bands Peachelope and The Skating Club. In performance, Spherelet emerges as a sultry, ethereal guide through Nym’s dense instrumental soundscapes, a space owl bridging the gap between celestial bodies and the bullet­-riddled American West.

In the spring of 2014, Nym & Spherelet joined Slow Magic and the Emancipator Ensemble for a tour of the American west coast, playing at the House of Blues in LA, the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, and the Crystal Ballroom in Portland.

Website: http://ratsofnym.com/
Streamable albums: http://music.ratsofnym.com/
Facebook: http://facebook.com/nymbeats, http://facebook.com/spherelet
SoundCloud: http://soundcloud.com/nym/

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Deep City Culture

Deep City Culture is a musical and artistic experiment that combines 30+ years of music-making experience with a desire to create something fresh. The result has been an eclectic range of sounds influenced by their broad (only occasionally overlapping) taste in music. In 2012, Deep City Culture won the SF RAW Musician of the Year Award and their debut release entitled "Take It Off" on Street Ritual deputed at #1 on Additech.

This San Francisco based trio comprised of Auganism, Orkidz, and My Pet Monster blends their unique auditory perspectives into a sonic melting pot of deep digital mysticism with their sophomore EP “Nomadic Chromatic” on MalLabel Music. This triad infuses their legacy of diverse musical heritage drawing upon Moroccon, Middle Eastern and Western roots instrumentalism by including live outar, doumbek, gun- bri, guitar, piano, rhodes, percussion and vocals. All elements are blended and paved with intricate beats and sophisticated synthery traversing Bass, Glitch, Trap, Jazz, RnB, Breakbeat, and World like streets upon avenues.

Deep City Culture has performed all over the country; playing along side artists such as DJ Shadow, Kill Paris, The Polish Ambassador, Ill.Gates, Minnesota, Sweater Beats, Luminox, NastyNasty, Stylust Beats, Dov, G Jones, Bass Science, Project Aspect, Ardalan, and many more.


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DJ Phleck

DJ Phleck has been a fixture in the San Francisco music scene for well over a decade. A Bay Area native and a true master of his craft Phleck brings thoughtful selection, precise technical mixing and an undeniable vibe to every set he plays.

Alongside his Janky Barge family he brings one of the crowd favorite mobile soundsystems to Black Rock City each year as well as producing many great events in SF. Phleck is also known for being one of the founding DJs and organizers of the now nationally recognized & multi-city event known as Motown on Mondays (M.O.M.).

In recent years Phleck has been hitting the studio turning out custom edits and remixes which have been getting regular plays from the clubs to the airwaves. Be sure to catch a DJ Phleck set comin' soon to a party near you!


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Live visuals and projection mapping by AllofitNow!

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Lighting By Creative Precision


  1. The Independent
    628 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA

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