No time for time

Event has passed (Thu Dec 1, 2016 - Thu Dec 1, 2016)
The Red Victorian
6pm to 10pm
Music, Arts, Acoustic Music, Art Exhibit


«No time for time» is an art show about the perception of time in our modern society as linear or dimensional.

We think of linear time as the progression from the past to present to future. This sequence does not tell the complete story because time does not exist without space. If consider space in this sequence, time becomes multi dimensional.

When we apply time to a human life, it appears as endless mechanics that pressures throughout life. People run to earn this precious time, that not everyone owns. Running after time, it show us what we have to do, what our tasks are, giving us a limit and a direction.

However, the Time is also infinity.

It is the highest imperative for an artist to settle and wonder about the impact of time on matter. How the time fluctuates according to situations we encounter, it's distortion, it's change of direction, it's appearance and disappearance, guiding one to treat time as a medium that is more multidimensional as a global concept.

This exhibition will blend diverse artistic voices, through installations, poems and videos, to create an vibrant atmosphere!

Featured Artists:

Autumn Elizabeth - writer poet

Rachel Dawson -

Diane Foug -

Eric Rogers -

Dariush Nehdaran -

Elodie Boucher -

Vanesa Gingold -

Alexandra Picard -


  1. The Red Victorian
    1665 Haight St, San Francisco, CA

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