"It’s the label to look to for "difficult music." Music that’s actually "alternative" and always ahead of it’s time. You might not get it on the first listen, but by the third or fourth, you won’t be able to get it out of your head!" This record... more
The Bands: Bottom of the Hudson, Franklin Bruno, The Court and Spark, Rob Crow, The Dead Science, Eltro, The Extra Glenns, Frog Eyes, Get Him Eat Him, Jack Hayter, The Jim Yoshii Pile-Up, Jukeboxer, The Mountain Goats, Okay, (Marty Anderson), Optigan... more
"Alternative Tentacles Records employs four people in Emeryville , California. (The label has always been based in San Francisco, but in October 2002 the label moved here.) The company is a sole proprietorship owned by Jello Biafra. Aside from being... more
Recordings is a San Francisco based Independent Record Label focusing on odd forms of rock and electronic music.  Artists include the Illogistical Resource Dept. and Suboculis. more
"I decided to start a record company, primarily to capture Lightning Hopkins at his inventive best: live, at the beer joints where I heard him the previous summer. Unfortunately, although I later did record Lightning on several occasions, I never had... more
San Francisco Independent Record Label more
Black Hat Records is a label specializing in acoustic Jazz. Started in 1999 by Michael Cooke to help keep Jazz alive in the new millennium. Black Hat Records is dedicated to the uncompromising expressions of Jazz music and the Jazz artists we record.... more
Bright Antenna image
Local independent record label interested in a variety of music and musical experiences. more
An independent San Francisco punk label. more
Casa Ganesh Records image
At Casa Ganesh Records, we consider music as a sacred experience between the performer and the listener. A connection between hearts that beat to the vibrations of cultures around the world.Our Artist show case includes Sukhawat Ali Khan and Steven G... more
Cubby Control Records image
Cubby Control Records is an offshoot of The Cubby, a collective of folks who have, since 1997, created all kinds of art in the name of The Cubby. And even though the Cubby collective has been self-producing music all along, primarily as The Cubby Cr... more
"In a matter of less then 2 years Daly City Records has grown into a multilayered musical phenomenon with contributions form artists such as: Casual and Opio (Souls of Mischief/Hieroglyphics), Mikah9 (Freestyle Fellowship), Raashan Ahmad (Crown City... more
"In 2005, "dirtybird," the record label began releasing vinyl. At the same time, Barclay created the DJ alias "Claude VonStroke" as a joke but the name stuck forever after the debut record "Deep Throat" sold through more than 11,000 vinyl copies worl... more
A ministry-minded music production company, dedicated to serving Christian musicians, bands, worship leaders, worship teams and other ministries of the local Church since 1983. more
specializing in all forms of progressive dance music... more
The FlavorGroup, composed of designers, artists, musicians, dancers, and creatives, have been crafting experiences through phenomenal events and ill design since 2001. We cut our teeth on the streets of San Francisco learning the ropes by throwing so... more
Frisco Records, LLC image
Frisco Records is a diverse and comprehensive independent record label. We incorporate top notch audio engineering with outstanding graphic design, video production, marketing and artist management. more
Independent Distribution Collective is a type of music distribution association that has never existed outside of the major label system before in the United States. Although the majors have used this business model for years with great success, it h... more
Independent Rap/Hip Hop Label run by TREY-C. For more information please log onto www.TREY-C.com more
A Northern California independent record label. more
"This is the home of the artists Lisa Dewey, Marc Moreland (formerly of Wall Of Voodoo), Bethany Curve, Kelsi Arnold, Mute Angst Envy and Gina Chiala. Kitchen Whore Records was started in 1997 by Lisa Dewey with the release of her 2nd full length a... more
"The Global Village...more than just a modem. How about, "real life"?? What is generally known as "world" music is a misnomer. Somehow, this category has become associated with a nostalgic, romanticized, and sometimes even condescending view of o... more
Moment! Records image
"Moment! Records has been founded to record and present great moments from performances of the classical music of India and contemporary world music. Indian classical music, based on improvisation, spontaneity and a refined concept of the relation be... more
Since 2002 'Muti' Music has been featured internationally in print media, supported with online and FM radio play, licensed to third parties and proved to be a valuable launch pad for some of the most unique and talented electronic music producers ou... more
Neurot Recordings is a fiercely independent label dedicated to the spirit of sound. Formed by the members of Neurosis and Tribes of Neurot as a means to further their musical vision while achieving control of their own destiny, the primary funct... more
Noc Shift Music Group image
Noc Shift Music Group is an Indipendent Record Label located in Northern California. The following organizations are the sub - Hub of the label as followed: Slapnotiqz Productions: Producers - Rawnay & Gozette Slapnotiqz Publishing - AS... more
Nu Routes Studios is a DIY multimedia/mixed medium art space located within The Citadel Artists Community in Downtown San Jose. The studios is 1000+ Sq-ft with two lofts that house a gallery and music studio as well as additional creative space. N... more
Om Records image
Founded in 1995 as a response to the cross-pollination of the funky underground music scene in San Francisco, Om Records is powerhouse music company with over two-hundred and fifty releases under its belt, as well as a global events production compan... more
Richland Records is an independent record label dedicated to producing high quality Hip Hop that "sticks it to the man" and delivers positive messages to the youth. The current roster includes: N-Depth (SF), S-Class (SF), Osi Mac (LA), Matt Gravity... more
Round Whirled Records image
From pure to purée, from traditional to transnational, and from classics to fantastics, Round Whirled records is an active part of a diverse musical community. more
"Six Degrees’ reputation – innovative, independent, and intelligent – is well-earned. And at seven years old, the label has made its mark quickly, both in the recording industry, and even more notably, among the artists themselves. Six Degrees’ res... more
"Over the years Slumberland has waxed and waned in its fortunes, releasing countless classic and influential records, always avoiding the easy route and the newest trends. We are immensely proud of our catalog of recordings, and hope that the future... more
Storefront Records image
An independent record label in Oakland; founded by Fantastic Negrito. We produce what we believe in and nothing else. more
The ADDX Family is a Newly Formed Record Label founded in San Francisco by Tai the 13th and Derek Mottola. We are currently building our repertoire to lay the foundation for other artists to create upon. The movement has just begun, so come get invol... more
Tigerbeat6 Records image
Local independent SF label with a roster including: Cex, Dat politics, Gold Chains, DJ/Rupture, Kid606, Soft Pink Truth and others. more
X DOT 25 Music Production image
"Established in 1990, for 13 years X DOT 25 Music has been devoted to bringing a diverse collection of music from all over the world to people from all walks of life. X DOT 25 Music is dedicated to supporting exceptional musical talents, from Traditi... more


zum started out as a small, photo-copied zine meant to serve as a forum for us (sibling team George and Yvonne) and our high school friends. We grew into an internationally recognized, well-respected indie music-based zine, and then label. We've orga... more