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Raised amid the rich musical culture and history of the San Francisco Bay Area, Monophonics proudly carry the torch through the generations into today’s musical landscape. Holding on to tradition, but by no means purists of any kind, they play their own brand of music known as “Psychedelic Soul.”


Originally an instrumental psychedelic soul/heavy-duty funk band, Monophonics has recently added a keyboardist and vocalist to its base of guitar, sax, trumpet and drums. Each song comes as a burst of energy with a steady backbone of jazzy melody. Last month, the band released its 7-inch single Like Yesterday, and rumor has it that an LP is forthcoming later in the year.


Over the past six years, Monophonics have staked their claim as the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier funk/soul band. Raised amid the city’s rich musical culture, these young musicians proudly carry on the tradition of music native to their hometown.

Monophonics were formed in 2005; originally an instrumental ensemble comprised of guitarist Ian McDonald, bassist Myles O’Mahony, saxophonist Alex Baky, trumpeter Ryan Scott, and drummer Austin Bohlman, the band has recently added the dynamic soul vocals of keyboardist Kelly Finnigan. The result is psychedelic soul & heavy funk, which harks back to the stylings of the late 60’s and early 70’s, all while keeping its feet planted in the present.



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