MINDVORP: A night of spontaneous art & music

Event has passed (Sat Sep 23, 2017 - Sat Sep 23, 2017)
Classic Cars West Gallery
$5 - $10
Art, Music


Tired of getting deja-vu at every event you attend? Feeling listless in this day and age of hyper-personalized, machine-made entertainment? September 23rd, Classic Cars West is thrilled to host MINDVORP, an event that throws convention and expectation out the window for a night of spontaneous synesthesia. MINDVORP is a chance to redefine how you see live music—literally. Pairing improvised music by four local bands with live drawing by four local artists, a colorful and multi-dimensional conversation will unfold, promising surprises for everyone, even the performers.

Our lineup is a star-studded Bay Area bunch. Ashan, Oakland's forest king of celestial sounds, will entrance your ears while prolific doodler Girlonbus transfixes your eye with swift doodles and perfect comedic timing. Sample slingers and quick-draw noise magicians Butterman will pair with the high-rising lines of Krusty Wheatfield's cartoons to make a deliciously crunchy open-faced multi-media sandwich. Smoky-toned genre benders Small Crimes will ply you with their smooth synths while Perhapsy's psychedelic scenes blossom in primary colored bursts. And last but not least, groovemaster extraordinaire Cheflee will weave a world of sounds from now and then, as all-terrain visual artist Sludgepony populates space with her signature seedy humanoids and hypnotic patternwork.

Get a new lease on life, get MINDVORPED!


  1. Classic Cars West Gallery 411 26th Street, Oakland, CA