San Francisco
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Alxndr Bio

Hi. My name is Alxndr and I’m a mixaholic.

It started more than ten years ago in college when I spent my first of many hours at the college radio station. I was so innocent then. Just another kid who loved hip hop. Within a few weeks, I needed my own radio show. Soon I was sneaking in hours in the studio, practicing. I spun at parties and the campus nightclub, the beginning of a downward spiral. When I arrived in the Bay Area I discovered breakbeats. It was a better high, and recreational usage soon became something more serious. I was spinning regularly now.

Soon, I was mixing in the dark underbelly of San Francisco nightlife: Mezzanine, 111 Minna, 1015 Folsom, Studio Z, Supper Club, Mighty, Amnesia, Wish, Nickie’s. False Profit, Evil Breaks and Anon Salon. Damn you all! I couldn’t even go to Burning Man without my vice following me: Sol System, Opulent Temple, Nexus. I was hardcore. Nothing got between me and the mixer.

As I became increasingly addicted, I demanded intensity and variety in my highs. I accumulated a huge variety of music: breaks, midtempo, electro, hip-hop, dub-step, and dancehall. As long as it makes people dance and gives me that rush. Nothing compares with looking at a crowd of sweaty, happy dancers from behind a mixer.

No longer content to let other people decide when and where I could get my fix I began to manufacture my own events. They had to have just the right blend of people, location and vibe. Thus the DownLow guerilla parties were born. We find a forgotten (and forbidden) outdoor spot, bring in a giant bus, and party all night. Instead of sating my needs the DownLow parties only led to further wickedness: The Panda Rejects parties, organized by fellow mixaholics from Newsbreakz, Space Cowboys, Evil Breaks, and DownLow crews.

I couldn’t have gotten here alone: the feedback from so many people has proved an irresistible narcotic. I’d like to blame this on all of them. But that wouldn’t be fair. Really, I’m just a mixaholic. And I never want to stop using.