Guqin Worshop for Beginners

Event has passed (Sun Nov 6, 2016 - Sun Dec 11, 2016)
Berkeley Buddhist Monastery
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Guqin Workshop for Beginners

Come learn one of China's oldest string instruments, the guqin!

Over 3,000 years old, the guqin is the scholar's instrument of choice, even Confucius played the guqin. Influenced by painting, calligraphy, and the philosophy of China, the guqin and its music is not just performance art but self-cultivation, with music reflecting the changes of nature, expressing the thoughts of the poet, and revealing the depth of the artist.

No musical experience required, lessons will be taught by two of the Directors of Tranquil Resonance Studio, David Wong and Alan Yip, using the traditional method of teaching and passing on the Guangling and Mei'an styles that they inherited from their teachers. With decades of teaching and performance experience between them this is a chance to get hands on experience with the guqin led by two experienced teachers. We will be covering the basic history and culture of the guqin during the first lesson then basic technique. After the workshop, group lessons and private lessons will continue to be offered for those interested in further study.

David Wong -
Executive Director of Tranquil Resonance Studio, David D. Wong brings his passion for the ancient traditions of China to every note he plays on both guqin and guzheng. He has studied with guzheng virtuoso Liu Weishan; Shanghai Conservatory of Music guqin professor and Guangling Qin School master Dai Xiaolian; Central Conservatory of Music guqin master Li Xiangting; traditional painter Huen Moon Yan of the Guangzhou Art Academy; and world-renowned painter Zhang Daqian’s student, 96-year-old master Fu Wenyan. David’s passion has also led him to graduate studies in both China and the United States, researching and absorbing the depths of his Chinese heritage. After studying with a few guqin teachers in the US and China, Wong’s interest in the Guangling Qin style led to his study with Prof Dai Xiaolian at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music and master classes with Guangling Master Lin Youren and Guangling scholar Prof. Dai Wei, professor of Ethnomusicology at Shanghai Conservatory, with him now being the 12th generation inheritor of the Guangling School of Guqin. Besides performing and teaching music at schools and community culture centers, he has given lectures at various universities around the San Francisco bay area, always enthusiastic to share all that he has learned and showcase the artistic and cultural traditions of China.

Alan Yip -
Growing up in Southern California, from an early age Programs Director Alan Yip possessed an interest in the traditional Chinese arts. He studied guqin (seven string zither), erhu (Chinese two string fiddle), and traditional Chinese painting, under masters in the United States and China. Intrigued by its unique sound and long history, Alan sought out a teacher for the guqin in Southern California. Fortuitously, he found and became a pupil to famed pipa and Mei’an guqin school virtuoso, Lui Puiyuen. Alan inherited the melodic lyrical style of the Mei’an Guqin School, being the 5th generation successor; evident in his natural use of the Mei’an vibrato and in each slide and note he plays on the guqin. Eager to broaden his technique and aesthetics on the guqin, he traveled around the United States and China, studying with a diverse group of masters including Seattle’s Wu Ziying, Beijing’s Chen Changlin, and Shanghai’s Gong Yi and Dai Xiaolian. Under the tutelage of these masters Alan continues to further his appreciation and skill on the guqin, developing his own voice while carrying on the ancient traditions.

Time and Dates: 1:00 - 2:30pm Sundays, Nov. 6, 13, 20 Dec. 4, 11
Venue: Berkeley Buddhist Monastery 2304 McKinley Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703
Fees: $40 for the first day, $120 for the next 4 days
Instruments: Guqins will be provided during the workshop. If students are interested in renting or purchasing instruments please inquire with the instructors.


  1. Berkeley Buddhist Monastery

    2304 McKinley Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703, East Bay, CA