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Gin Wigmore
Matthew Santos

New Zealand artist GIN WIGMORE is hitting the road with her band this Spring through USA and CANADA for her largest North American Tour ever. She will be joined by Chicago native Matthew Santos of Lupe Fiasco’s feature fame “SUPERSTAR” and most recent album “AS A CROW FLIES” on all dates.

Gin Wigmore is an artist who is difficult to define, her sound is an eclectic mix of styles and influences, the collective consensus being that Los Angeles based Gin is of a unique breed of soul infused rock ’n’ roll with a fierce attitude to match.
If we had to put a label in, it would read something like this: alternative rock and neo-soul, biting lyricism, with a gravelly vocal that takes you on a very personal ride.


Matthew Santos

In 2008 Matthew Santos' world had undergone a drastic change with the success of his "Superstar" collaboration with Lupe Fiasco. Rihanna, upon meeting Santos at the beginning of the Kanye West Glow in the Dark tour, explained "My manager and I have had extensive conversations about your voice.". Soon there after, suddenly finding himself shaking hands with Jay-Z while he congratulated Santos on his success, and running into Justin Timberlake affirming, "You have a great voice."—it seemed Santos' vocal stylings were being heard by the biggest names in music with the same result each time: Praise. John Legend, Eddie Vedder, and Kimbra have all commented on separate occasions upon hearing Santos that he had "a beautiful voice…". Six years later Santos' has six records and two Grammy nominations under his belt, over 300 live performances world-wide, with appearances on David Letterman, Jimmy Kimmel, Ellen, Craig Ferguson, TRL; and multiple performances at Lollapalooza, Coachella, Glastonbury, Bonaroo, and the MTV Video Music Awards. Santos was also nominated for "Best Rock Entertainer" at Chicago's 2009 Music Awards, and was named one of the Top Ten Bands To Watch by the Chicago Sun-Times.


More about Gin Wigmore

Me? Well, my full name is Virginia Claire Wigmore, shortened years back to Ginny, then with a little more innocence lost, it got dwindled down to an even tidier nickname, “Gin.” I guess my ma & pa were always big fans of a few cheeky G&Ts on a regular occasion, so it seemed a winning fit for all.

After much persistence in the form of incessant nagging to my label to get Mr. Butch Walker to produce and Mr. Jake Sinclair to engineer, I found myself in the beachside haven of Santa Monica in the U.S. summer of 2011 with those two fine gentlemen by my side ready to record my second album. After a month of live and loose recording with the Black Widows and Stu Thompson, we managed to uncover my newest album Gravel & Wine…



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