Tue May 21 (full schedule below)
Mirus Gallery
12noon - 6pm
Gallery Opening, Art
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May 3 - June 1, 2019

Mirus Gallery is excited to present a solo exhibition by Japanese artist Yoh Nagao. This is his first solo exhibition in the United States.

The exhibit opens Friday May 3, 7-10pm

Nowadays, in many developed countries, we are constantly being controlled by media and information and the human folly and conflict, discrimination, resource exploitation and environmental destruction are unstoppably getting worse and worse. However, even in this modern era, there are still many people on this planet that are not influenced by modernization and civilization, which we call indigenous people. But in hundreds of years, we will become the indigenous people to our future descendants. As our given lives and cultures are on an extended line that has been inherited from our ancestors, we have to ask ourselves: What could we leave for our descendants? Many of the indigenous people of the world have lived richly and simply with very limited resources and Nagao assumes that there is an inventive strength that our ancestors developed and cultivated for over several hundred years even before the invention of language. Records of it were printed on the DNA and passed down to our generation. Therefore, many of their elements of folkloric decoration and color usage are still found in modern culture. Since Nagao combines these elements that human beings originally possess from the past to the present, he can communicate with people with diverse roots, cultures and values and connect them to each other through his art. You can find many ideas through his work and the experience and knowledge from real field work and research. Nagao's artistic mission is to inspire this instinctive virtue and enrichment to more people for a brighter future.


Mirus Gallery
540 Howard Street
San Francisco, CA
Tue May 21 (12noon - 6pm)
Wed May 22 (12noon - 6pm)
Thu May 23 (12noon - 6pm)
Fri May 24 (12noon - 6pm)
Sat May 25 (12noon - 6pm)


  1. Mirus Gallery 540 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA