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Public Works
6pm - 2am
Arts, Music
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Wearable technology is thought to be the next big revolution in tech. Many expect this new wave of wearable devices and apparel to reshape not only the consumer electronics industry, but also fashion and manufacturing. CODAME has created a platform to showcase how the tech and fashion industries are collaborating to innovate within this arena.

CODAME FASHION+MUSIC presents a night where fashion tech designers, entrepreneurial fashionistas, musicians, and visual artists come together in one space. Together, they’ll explore the future of tech-inspired apparel - where form and function meet visionary genius. These pioneers in the fashion technology space will provide insights into their creative design processes, cover challenges on prototyping and manufacturing, and conduct live demonstrations of their groundbreaking pieces of technology enabled apparel. Infusions of music and visual artistry will complement this interactive environment of dialogue and presentations.


Cozy talks from artists and industry insiders to share their knowledge and inspire us.
Live Performances
Music/Visual Showcase

Full Program Coming soon… Stay tuned!



Linda Franco, Co-Founder & CMO @ MACHINA Wearable Technology, sharing her current project Midi Controller Jacket v1.0.
Anouk Wipprecht, Interactive Fashiontech Designer & Innovator, unveiling prototype of her new fashiontech design.
Tiffany Trenda, American digital performance artist, will submerge you into the world of creative expression with her new piece Proximity Cinéma.
Anders Nelson, Becca McCharen & Dustin Maberry will take us into the world of wearable LED display development premiere shown at CODAME.

Special Installations

Yumika Tanaka, We are What we Wear.
Antonio Cortez, Objects of Desire Made Still.

Music & Visuals

Keisuke Shingu aka VJ KSKA
CSTNG-SHDWS #videoart #gaffta #idn #createdigitalmotion #motionserved #motionographer
STARPAUSE #8bitpeoples #hexawe #naughtBothered #mp3death #creativecommons #8bitsf
Sebastian Deux #cdj #secretfeature #superduex #partyanimal
The Spectrum Electric #audiovisual #javascript #netaudio #creativecommons #gridwalklabs
HUMAΩIM∆L pre- post-apocalyptic maximalist tech-step

“Art by Code” Gallery Opening

6-9pm at the Roll up Gallery (as part of Public Works)

Artist lineup: Reza Ali, Inigo Quilez, Matthew Cella, Ryan Alexander, Jon Kuzmich, Josh Nimoy, Antonio Cortez, Tiffany Trenda, Wes Grubbs , Kim Rees, Nolan Love, Kristin Henry


  1. Public Works
    161 Erie Street , San Francisco, CA