Chik Con 2

Event has passed (Sat Apr 12, 2014 - Sat Apr 12, 2014)
Union Square
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It's time again for the bi-decadal Chik Con! Dust off any cocky, chicky, birdy, feathery, loosely related whatevers and come join us for the fun and games. There will be things for all, but of course chickenin' ain't easy and makes for some thirsty work.

Find the coup in Union Square for a soft-boiled start at 3:00 and the hard-boiled start of 4:00.

Everyone will be on their own, but there is safety in numbers. Predators are always looking to pick off the strays.

The first rule of chickenin' - you can be a big cock, but don't be a big dick.

Some of things you might find on our chicken adventures:

“Chicken and Bunny petting Zoo”- Who doesn’t want some lovin?

“Egg and Chicken arguments”( Who came first?)

“The chickens are pissed off! The Easter bunny is putting a high demand on their poor lil bums to produce high volumes of eggs this time of year...they might need to go on strike!”

“We all know that Cocks are very territorial...see which cock is the cockiest! Cock fights will determine the winner.. You might even win some money!”

Please come prepared to join in the games and create your own little scenes along the way. We will need some Bunnies and Eggs to help us out.....


  1. Union Square
    Stockton and Post, San Francisco, CA