Brian Barneclo Parklet and Solo Show

Event has passed (Sat May 3, 2014 - Sat May 3, 2014)
Luna Rienne Gallery


For the first time ever, Luna Rienne Gallery will simultaneously launch a parklet and solo show, featuring artist Brian Barneclo.

Saturday, May 3, 6-9PM
@ Luna Rienne Gallery, 3318 22nd Street

Titled “Misinformation”, the exhibition and parklet reflect on the overwhelming amount of information that we are constantly fed -- social media, blogs, emails, texts, human interaction, sound, and even the food we eat. Misinformation occurs in the lapse between being “connected” and not necessarily being in touch with what’s really going on.

With the parklet, which is the third installation at Luna Rienne Gallery’s revolving public art venue, Barneclo focuses on the giving and receiving of information. It will feature a combination of interactive LED lighting, layered wood and acrylic cut-outs, and mural.

With his paintings, Barneclo addresses the notion that information can have different meanings to different people. As an artist who presents imagery, he may or may not be conveying the message that the viewer perceives. However the fact that the information he offers is appreciated is what makes the process worthwhile.

Brian Barneclo was born and raised in Indianapolis, then studied painting and art history at Indiana University. He moved to San Francisco in 1996 and began working as a commercial illustrator and sign painter, then found his passion in painting small- and large-scale artistic works. He has adorned the walls of many Bay Area galleries, restaurants, and streets with his colorful jazzy works inspired by life in San Francisco. His largest public work, and possibly the largest in San Francisco, is the 24,000 sq. ft. Systems Mural, located near 7th and King Streets. Barneclo was named one of San Francisco's top muralists by 7x7 Magazine in 2008.

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  1. Luna Rienne Gallery 3318 22nd St, San Francisco, CA