Bamboo Hut image
The Bamboo Hut is a really great tiki bar because of the way it's been designed: a full palapa bar with a Tiki God adorned waterfall. There are lots of yummy island drinks and djs usually are on hand to keep the music going. Good, strong drinks. more
Hawaii West image
This is only a halfhearted attempt at a tiki bar, with a small handful of tiki-god statuettes and a flimsy palm tree reflecting its entire efforts. The froufrou, tropical-themed drinks normally associated with the motif are missing, replaced by a han... more
Hawker Fare image
A Lao Isaan Eatery, invites you to jam some fun tunes, and be loud with a drink in hand while sharing plates of food and eating with your hands. Tiki Hour: Monday - Thursday from 5:30pm - 7pm for cocktails and punch bowls. more
Last Rites image
Last Rights is a cool little tiki bar in the Castro.   The bar recreates the scene of a airplane crash in some faraway jungle, where all that's left is the interior of a fuselage and ~150 rums. Steps from the J Line at Church and Market. more
Pagan Idol image
Pagan Idol, transports you right from the FiDi to some magical paradise, and it's bringing an almost forgotten sense of excitement to the local bar scene. While impressive wood carvings and plays on light and darkness will speak to the aesthetical... more
Smuggler's Cove image
A mix of lounge, bar that features Rum and drinks of the Caribbean. The crowd is a mixture of Hayes Valley and hipster. * Traditional drinks of the Caribbean islands * Classic libations of Prohibition-era Havana * Exotic cocktails from legendary... more
The Tonga Room image
Cocktails, food and music! The vibe is Kitschy cool, Tiki chic!  -------- Created with an unused swimming pool in the basement of the Fairmont Hotel in 1967, the Tonga Room takes tiki kitsch to another level with live music from a boat flo... more
The Zombie Village image
Some of the best bartenders will make tiki-themed drinks at Zombie Village. Want a delicous drink with an umbrella? Your sweet little tiki experience awaits. more
Tiki Haven image
Tiki Haven serves classic and exotic cocktails along with many original recipes; along with some tasty snacks.  Tiki Haven is a retro-oasis, full of dreamy decor that will instantly transcend your mind and body of what a typical neighborhood bar... more
Trad'r Sam image
This Polynesian theme bar is accentuated by its island-style booths and exotic drinks. Each booth is named after an island and has a character of its own. Trad'r Sam's is a classic bar in Outer Richmond. more