Art and Revolution Exhibit @ Farley's Coffee

Event has passed (Thu Jan 25, 2018 - Thu Jan 25, 2018)
Farley's SF
5 P.M. till 8:30 P.M.
Art, Music


Join us at Farley's at 5 P.M. for a night of art and all ages entertainment!

Rob's work is in some really well known collections. He sells his work direct to buyers because he likes face to face conversations with people that like his work enough to put in their spaces. One local celebrity asked him to teach a class recently. In his last show he let kids sign his arm with wishes for the new year and danced with a balloon blasting music for four hours. The kids wrote things like love everyone and happy new year- really sincere messages. When he looked in the Farely's windows they appeared to have youth installation in it- so he decided to carry over a little of this into an educational conceptual series for the window's. The themes eventually revealed a common thread in his commentary about being a member in a society that seems to produce a lot of victims. He hopes the installations last box might lead him to new allies ready to use art and music to make real change happen at the local level. That box has a theme of how to move beyond contributing to victimization and refusing to be victimized. Perhaps romantic, but not naïve. Rob makes some of the artwork available as shirts and posters to keep it accessible to anyone that likes it.

A friend (Devon Black) linked him to Binx (Brittany Gilmore) a very talented performer. She agreed to come sing for us with is really no small deal. Vital Vessel, an artist Rob met appearing on Cr'ass Nation, volunteered/ collaborated to type up some social commentary ideas and followed Rob's lead on building a cardboard house for sale making a point on homelessness. Rob invited Sylvester Guard in last minute to lean a few things and maybe sign autographs on what he sells on the spot (world class recognized artist). Karaj and Eyez are also scheduled to perform! Rob has always displayed a renegade attitude with his art events and is often providing opportunities to other artists- sometimes in rapid fire in large and small spaces...all over northern California. He launched Flock in 2018- a new sub-culture series where he is taking the art-tour he began 15 years in new directions.

Please come early and ask Rob questions. He is leaving pricing up to people interested in the art. He recently found a guitar ($400) and the person selling it has a child needing a surgery so she is liquidating all her possessions- he wants to buy the guitar to use on his next album and then hand it back to the seller along with something generated from the albums sales if something hits. He says he makes decisions this way often and it usually works out. The next show will have some very large pieces in it March 3 and April 14 at Winters Tavern. Mark your Calendars and buckle up things might get a little bumpy.


  1. Farley's SF 1315 18th Street, San Francisco, CA