Accordion Babes Cabaret Revue

Event has passed (Sat Dec 10, 2016 - Sat Dec 10, 2016)
Rhythmix Cultural Works
$25 - $30


The Accordion Babes are BACK for a night of squeezebox whimsy featuring Women of the famous Accordion Babes Pinup Calendar. After a short hiatus traveling states and Provinces; evading authorities; accepting marriage proposals; and touring the world- all with accordions in tow.This special show features several “babes” in celebration of the 2017 Accordion Babes Pin-up Calendar/CD- now in its 8th year with new musical releases!

Join us for an evening of seriously fun musical diversity, where the accordion rules the night while crossing musical landscapes as varied as French border towns, Tex-Mex cafes, Absinthe parlors, and Cajun and Rock dance halls. Featuring 4 acts, and 5 Accordionistas, come see how the accordion has evolved in the arms of these seriously talented female-fronted bands.

Accordion Babes Artists

Tara Linda:
Torch singer Tara Linda keeps her heart in the desert and her heels in the city. Armed with button accordion, a sultry voice, and baritone ukulele, Tara fronts both jazz and Americana bands around the Bay, writing original music and touring her favorite places across the American Southwest and the EU. Tara is a Hohner and Lanakai endorsed Artist, and asks you not to hold that against her.
“A sultry voice and playful heart”: SF Chronical.
(Bass, Accordion, Uke, Voice, Percussion)

Jet Black Pearl:
Could Nina Hagen and Tom Waits have a secret daughter, born in Caravan Palace, with Björk as a babysitter? This fabulous accordion diva from the port of Amsterdam has performed on more than a thousand stages all over Europe and the USA West Coast while singing, rapping and beat boxing about slugs in love, criminal gurus and hallucinating butterflies.

A formidable force of music, and truly has to be seen to be believed (Three Weeks, Edinburgh Fringe Festival).
The most eccentric and equally the most talented woman you will see in Edinburgh this month (Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe Festival)

Hobo Gobbelins / Skylar Fell
Proprietress of the famous SF Accordion Apocalypse Repair Shop (now located in Petaluma, CA), Skylar Fell is the Smokin’ accordionist and singer for the otherworldly jug band The Hobo Gobbelins.

The Hobo Gobbelins incorporate traditional sounds of Americana with Old World charms where freight-train spirituals meet absinthe bars. Emerged from the pulsing art vortex of Oakland, CA, these children of punk rock, rose up to create avant-garde performance art with hobo soul. Onstage they weave a wickedly catchy mixture of ancient pirate curses, orcish vaudeville, and eldritch hobo semaphore into junkyard cabaret. (Instrumentation: Banjo, Accordion, Guitar, Vocals).

Whiskey and Women/ Renee de la Prade
This rousing Cajun/Folk/Punk trio Features Three punky women from California who share a passion for American roots music and rock-n-roll. Celtic fiddle tunes, blues, and hell-raising Cajun accordion music all get wrapped up, soaked in whiskey, sprinkled with beautiful harmonies, and delivered with the explosive energy of a Molotov cocktail.

Joan Wilson Rueter: fiddle, baritone ukulele, vocals
Renee de la Prade: accordion, stomp, vocals
Rosemary Steffy: percussion, fiddle, vocals
"If I’m ever in a situation where I’m on life support and you’re about to unplug me, bring Whiskey and Women into the hospital to perform at least one song. If I don’t come out of the coma, then unplug me, I’m dead. You can unplug me even if you see my toe tapping with the music because their stellar talent and high energy are infectious enough to have dead people foot stomping." SF Gate


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    2513 Blanding Ave, Alameda, CA

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