A Benefit for the Lab

Event has passed (Sat Nov 2, 2013 - Sat Nov 2, 2013)
The Lab
$8 - $50
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Saturday, November 2, 2013
7:30 – 10:30pm Sharp
$8 to $50

We are proud to present this impromptu benefit featuring the legendary Rodger Stella of Macronympha and a host of stellar local performers, all of whom will join forces tonight in support of the Lab. All proceeds will go towards the Lab's December/January renovation project featuring a ceiling makeover, and code improvements to support a higher occupancy limit.

Featuring performances by:
Rodger Stella (Macronympha)
Heartworm (5lowershop)
Erors (Al Qaeda)
Malocculsion (Ratskin Records)
Omer Gal (Cookie Tongue)
Pink Gaze (Basu, Sreekrishnan, Tinker)

Rodger Stella (Macronympha)
"Rodger Stella is an American noise artist who is most well known for his work with the Pennsylvania noise groups Macronympha and O.V.M.N. (both groups existing as collaborations with Pittsburgh noise impresario Joseph Roemer), as well as the more recent Birmingham, Alabama duo Hollow Bush. He also has a concise and excellent body of solo work that both underlines his immense contribution to all of those groups as well as explores many unknown and strange new directions in sound." - Heathen Harvest

Did you know? Stella cut his teeth tape-editing for horror master George A. Romero at his Pittsburgh studio.


Heartworm (5lowershop)
Heartworm is san francisco based sound artist Brandon Yahiro-Taylor. A veteran of the NYC and Bay Area experimental/noise and underground dance music scenes, Heartworm currently fuses modern and traditional sound design and experimentation with field recording, ambient soundscapes, shattered breakbeat tomfoolery and general silliness. There will be no costumes, visual aids or jumping around. Just pure evil for the ears...


Erors (Al Qaeda)
Erors is the duo of Geoff Morris and Eric Sanchez, playing improvised music set to home brewed visuals. Using hand-built electronics, tapes, and traditional instruments they create a wall of sound which reveals hidden drones, rhythms, and melodies.

Geoff Morris is a musician, designer, and software developer living and working in San Francisco. He studied Computer Music at Stanford's CCRMA and works as a product designer at Cycling '74, makers of the visual programming environment Max.

Eric Sanchez is a Special Education teacher who began playing music in 2008 utilizing guitar, tape, oscillator, and contact mic.


Malocculsion (Ratskin Records)
Malocculsion is the solo recording/performance project of malocculsion proto of Ratskin Records. Using tapes, loops, homemade electronics, amplified objects, and field recordings to create a nauseous mirror of audio psychosis and inter-personal hell through dark and rhythmic sounds.


Omer Gal (Cookie Tongue)
Born in Israel, Omer Gal has lived in California, New York, Israel, India, and Tel Aviv. Currently San Francisco-based, Omer recieved a Masters in Fine Arts fron the San Francisco Art Institute in 2012. He has shown work at the Tmuna and Zimmer galleries in Tel Aviv, "FlagStop" (Los Angeles); Queens Nails Projects, Luggage Store, Diego Rivera, Swell and Root Division galleries in San Francisco, CA and PSU gallery, Portland, Oregon. Omer also performs under the name "Cookie Tongue." Tonight he will be performing mapping quietus burrows.


Pink Gaze (Basu, Sreekrishnan, Tinker)
Sharmi Basu, Tara Sreekrishnan, & Ben Tinker


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