When Can We Expect to Get A Jab?

As we’ve worked our way through the first month of post-inauguration normality, one thing we should all started to think about is when will we be able to get our COVID-19 vaccination? We’re assuming that most major events – sports, concerts, theater, conventions, etc. – will do their best to check or require that the people attending have been vaccinated. And so, thinking collectively about ourselves, our families, and our neighbors, we’ll want to start planning.

1) Find out when you’ll become eligible. Check https://myturn.ca.gov/landing to see where you stand.

2) Sign up to get notified when you’re age group starts getting vaccinated and find out where vaccines are available: https://www.vaccinateca.com/near-me?zip=94103 .

3) Read up on more vaccination information

COVID-19 vaccination is one of the most important tools to end the COVID-19 pandemic. The State is prioritizing vaccines for equitable distribution to everyone in California who wants it. We expect to have enough supplies to vaccinate most Californians by summer 2021…

COVID-19 vaccines are meant to prevent you from getting COVID-19, but their ability to keep us from spreading the virus is still not yet known. So masks, washing hands thoroughly, and social distancing will probably remain in place to some degree in 2021.

Top image credit: Photo by the CDC from 1976, the vaccination was administered by a public health clinician, by way of a jet injector, photo from Unsplash / https://unsplash.com/photos/jgvTYz6UT_g

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