25 New Albums Created to Support Healthcare Workers and Music Communities Around the World

The world is responding to the pandemic with a bloom of creative projects. Musicians and labels are putting together new benefit compilation albums with all new music and edits showcasing the talent of their communities in an effort to benefit healthcare workers, purchase medical supplies and pay out of work artists, DJs and musicians.

In addition to digital downloads you can also support local shops in San Francisco by buying physical media at RS94109 and Amoeba Music You can also see which other small businesses around the country are offering mail order with this interactive map of record stores and labels.

Here are a 25 compilations you can download today or Friday May 1st when Bandcamp directs 100% of revenue to artists.

“We dove deep in the Permanent Vacation vault and came up with hidden gems and secret hits for a joyful dance therapy. We will donate 100% of the profit to sea-watch.org, who helps saving lives in the Mediterranean Sea whether it is a rescue mission or providing medical supply to fight the corona virus in refugee camps. So please dance and donate!” – Permanent Vacation

“100% of all proceeds from the compilation go back directly to the featured artists in order to support the creatives in our community who are struggling with the disruption caused by COVID-19.”

“The compilation “Make Some Room: Electronic Relief in Switzerland” was conceived in a spirit of solidarity: 131 acts* – more than 150 artists – have provided music in times of Covid-19.”

“Three weeks ago we reached out to some friends of the website with the challenge to make a track in collaboration with another producer, musician or vocalist, remotely, in 10 days. The result is ‘Pen Pals’: a compilation featuring 15 collaborations from 32 artists.” = Ransom Note Records

“A collection of previously unreleased works by italian electronic artists…All proceeds will be donated to Lazzaro Spallanzani National Institute for Infectious Diseases in Rome.” – Distance Will Not Divide Us

“Over 6 hours of previously unreleased and unheard material, where an all star cast of artists were encouraged to share music that reflects this time we are living in.” – Enisslab (electronic)


“A 32-track special compilation featuring a wide mixture of electronic sounds of Brazil. Made from incredible friends in our dance music community who have been helping the scene that now suffers to survive due the pandemic situation.” – GOP TUN

“Tompkins Square Label presents A Benefit Album for Groceries For Seniors. GFS is a great organization here in San Francisco, their mission made more urgent by COVID-19. 100% of the proceeds from this album will go directly to GFS.”

“Available exclusively on Bandcamp for Pay What You Want (starting at $5) with all proceeds going directly to the artists involved.” – Polyvinyl Records

“‘Hivernation’ is a compilation series featuring tracks produced during the lockdown by artists connected to the label. It’s an open-ended temporary project that wants to reflect on the situation imposed by the pandemic.” – Hivern Discs

“As an alternative to planning tours, we’ve decided to put together a compilation of new productions, showcasing our diverse roster. 100% of earnings will go to the artists.” – Awesome Agency

“A [hardcore] benefit compilation to raise money to help fight the COVID-19 pandemic. All profits from this release are being donated to the Massachusetts General Hospital Emergency Relief Fund.” – Patient Zero Records

“100% of the proceeds will be donated towards the San Diego COVID-19 Community Response Fund: San Diego Worker Assistance Initiative.” – Safe Inside Records (hardcore)

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