Turn Boarded Up Storefronts into Art

Giving a lending hand to the communities we love has become a powerful way people are helping each other out. With so many storefronts being boarded up and artists not being commissions like before, a genius idea arose. The idea became real with Paint the Void, an effort to beautify our neighborhoods and help artists in one fell swoop.

Paint the Void

Month two of quarantine is upon us. Artists still don’t have gigs. The Bay Area’s boarded up storefronts are only adding to the unease. A great way to prevent our iconic streets from turning into dismal post apocalyptic landscapes is to commission out of work artists to paint the boards with messages of hope and images of beauty. Please consider helping us raise $10,000 to enable 15 artists to uplift 15 storefronts by donating or sharing the campaign. Thank you for your support.