Free Hot Air Balloon Rides on Treasure Island Coming Soon

You can’t deny going on a free hot air balloon ride in San Francisco would be pretty fun! A new nationwide traveling experience for all ages is centered around the new film The Aeronauts (82% on the TOMATOMETER) starring Eddie Redmayne and Felicity Jones.

While we’re not certain what constitutes a ride there will be plenty of other things to see and do at the Cross-Country Ballooning Fair.

Bringing the spirit and magic of 1862 to cities all across the country. Families, schemers, dreamers and altitude enthusiasts of all ages will be awed by The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey—a sprawling Victorian fair featuring period performers, breathtaking exhibits, and two hot air balloons.

The Aeronauts’ Incredible Journey—The Cross-Country Ballooning Fair

Date: Tuesday November 26th

Time: 3pm – 8pm

Location: 699 Avenue of the Palms, Treasure Island, San Francisco, CA 94130


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