Who Gets to See Madonna When She Plays Golden Gate Theatre?

It’s awesome that Live Nation is bringing Madonna and the “Madame X” Tour to the Golden Gate Theatre for three performances – October 31st (Halloween), November 2nd and 4th. San Francisco is one of only a handful of cities that Madonna’s tour will visit. The only negative is that the theater holds less than 2,500 people; and since CitiBank account holders and members of Madonna’s fan club get first dibs on tickets (for three full days), there will likely be tons of “regular” fans unable to get a ticket. (Tickets for for the general public go on sale, Friday, September 13th at 10am.)

One notable item that stood out when the show was announced is the phone policy. Although it’s not clear if you’ll be required to keep your phone in a Yondr-type pouch or not, it is clear that if you pull out your phone in an undesignated area, you’ll probably be asked to leave.

“Use of cellphones, smart watches, smart accessories, cameras or recording devices will not be permitted in the performance space. You need to make note of your seat location prior to entering the building – you will be unable to access your mobile tickets after they are scanned. Anyone seen using a cellphone during the performance will be escorted out of the venue.”

Personally, it’s even a welcome change. And for true fans, those who are lucky enough to get tickets, the chance to see Madonna, like Prince or Michael Jackson in their day, is paramount. It’s simply a can’t miss event. And while her more recent music, in my opinion, doesn’t compare with some of her older songs, the ability to blend hit after hit in (she has a staggeringly obscene 35 No. 1 Billboard hits to her name) with songs from her recent album… talk about a nice fall-back. When in doubt, cue up “Borderline” and the world is good for about six minutes fifty-seven seconds.

All kidding aside, no matter what The Queen of Pop / Material Girl plays, from the more intimate venue, to the pageantry her Madonna-ness brings, these three shows will be a “happening” in every sense of the word.


Three Shows: Thursday, October 31st / Saturday, November 2nd / Monday, November 4th
at The Golden Gate Theatre, 1 Taylor Street at Market & 6th Street, in San Francisco


  1. I saw opening night of Madonnas , Madame X show in S.F. at the goldengate theater. Wonderful set list. The show went on forever, and I loved the holography being projected around the theatre. There will never be another Madonna tour of this magnitude. Best concert ever. No need for Trolls to have a Holiday.

  2. Madonna is at her BEST when she is inspired. This is one of those times.

  3. Isn’t it a little bit ironic? She was found using a cell phone during a performance of Hamilton.

    1. yeah – four years ago. How long ago was that???? We all learn and move on.

    2. Well they didn’t ban phones I guess. Besides press had been out about Hamilton for some time before she ever saw it. So it is not like stuff was being leaked by her.

      I still think it was tacky but it’s f*cking Madonna her entitlement must be through the universe by now, not just the roof.

  4. I really started listening to Madonna less than 10 years ago and I like great part of her work. When you are not too attached to a certain Madonna era, you are able of appreciating her work.

    Madonna has evolved and changed throughout the years. Many of her fans haven’t. It’s only natural that some of her fans still think that nothing of her new work compares to the old one. Also because of that, measuring her talent by the number of awards or sales has becoming outdated – that’s a measure of popularity not necessarily talent.

  5. Not meaning to be pedantic but Madonna has had 12 number 1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100, not the 35 you mention in the article. However she has had 38 singles enter the top 10 on the Hot 100 chart. Maybe that figure threw you off. Still an amazing feat for the living legend that she is.

    1. The author could of also meant Club Play Singles, I know she has 46 of those. They did say Billboard No 1’s but didn’t specify which chart in Billboard? Madonna has a record 157 number-one singles across all formats of the Billboard charts, the most for any artist. Pretty remarkable & Crazy. Can’t wait to see this tour. How intimate xoxo

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