Breakfast and brunch, no matter how you spin them, will always have egg and carb dreams to cater to. The smells of coffee, eggs, bacon, hashbrowns and pancakes make the beloved tradition comforting and hearty, but also expected. That’s why, when a place comes along with a delicious twist on what a morning meal can be, we take notice. We get up early to patiently wait in line, in hopes of sampling a bit of breakfast – brunch magic. This spring, a few spots are painting the town all sorts of egg yolk-yellow and Bloody Mary-red; rising above any eater’s expectations. So wake up and dig in.


Given Kaiyo’s winning game of Peruvian and Japanese influences (the cuisine if officially Nikkei, exploring the influence of Japan on Peru), the recently launched brunch here can’t be boring by definition. Think smoked trout and pickled vegetables rice bowls, lobster omelettes with kewpie mayo, and sake bombs to truly wake up on a weekend. Every dish is picture-perfect and just as inventive as you might expect from the surprising premise.

1838 Union Street


Bluestone Lane at Hotel Emblem

You’ve probably seen the cute Australian coffee shop chain around town, but its newest branch at Hotel Emblem is by far the coziest. Order at the sunny counter and eat your fancy toasts or bowl at the hotel lobby, surrounded by portraits of Beat poets. Where’s Beats, there’s beets; Bluestone Lane’s famous beat lattes await, alongside fluffy salmon toasts, healthy grain bowls, and other treats the chain does really well.

562 Sutter Street



In February, the stylish SoMa restaurant launched its elaborate brunch menu, with dishes like Fried Duck Eggs with Tandoori Mushroom, and Toasted Brioche, and Paneer and Ricotta Bhurji with Tomato, Onion, Chili and Cilantro. The menu also includes Indian twists on such brunch favorites like the avocado toasts and the burger (made here with lamb and Amul cheese). Tamarind-infused spritzers and lassi drinks sweeten the deal even further.

333 Brannan Street



If you haven’t been living under a rock, you’ve heard of Breadbelly, the Instagram-magnet bakery and coffee shop in the Richmond. Seducing visitors with marvelous, previously under-the-radar creations like ensaymadas, a cheesy broiche enriched with pork, and kaya toast, a soft toast with a coconut spread. All of Breadbelly’s dreamy carb dishes are perfect for brunch, and there are more substantial offerings, like soups and sandwiches, all with an interesting Breadbelly touch.

1408 Clement Street



A restaurant that serves breakfast and brunch all day? Why not. By brunch, we mean hearty egg sandwiches, chicken and waffles, Benedict versions, as well as salads and burgers. The vibe of Laguna, the Hayes Valley restaurant is decidedly low-key and classic, and if you’re craving a good ‘ole’ brunch at a new spot, look no further.

602 Hayes Street