8 New Works of Art Revealed Near Alamo Square Park

For those who don’t live in the Alamo Square neighborhood, the first thing you might think is that it’s a tourist spot; before thinking of it as a neighborhood park. The stream of tour buses pass by the picture-perfect Painted Ladies and the other classic architecture that rings the park. And the downtown skyline serves as the backdrop to complete the scene.


Well, a more contemporary addition has taken up residence near the park; interupting the serene, classic scene, while giving San Franciscans a reason to visit Alamo Square; a trip they might not have otherwise made. And it’s heartening to see the powers that be giving its blessing to a street artist in such a prominent location.


Art devotees will be pleased by the installation that features eight new works. The result, interesting enough, is a band aid affect; covering the unsightly blemish of a chain-link fence that surrounds a long empty lot on Steiner. The fencing has become the walls to this outdoor exhibition featuring large scale works on panel.

One artist involved in the project is Cobre. Most recently, he created a memorable work of Robin Williams on Market Street.

The art pieces were unveiled today, Saturday, March 16th at 11am. Who knows if this will be a permanent installation or not. So take the time to make a trip to the neighborhood while they grace the fence near the park.


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