Cannabis Gifts You’ll Both Love: Take Valentine’s Day to a Higher Level with SAVA

Oh snap! Valentine’s Day is coming. Last year you took your bae out to dinner somewhere and bought something so memorable you don’t remember anymore. Yep. We’re bored of the same ol’ gifts too. This year, skip the dusty store-bought box of heart-shaped chocolates and swerve on over to SAVA, an online marketplace and delivery service for cannabis goodies. Plus, did you know cannabis is an aphrodisiac? Yep. Step aside, oysters.

To get you started, here are some of our favorite gift ideas from SAVA’s online collection. Order up some cannabis Valentine’s Day treats for two. Once delivered, ditch your phone in the other room. The rest is up to you.


Slip into something comfy, cozy, and sexy; pour two cups of this dreamy cannabis-infused tea for two, and relax. This organic tea is known to uplift moods and calms the mind. Cannabis can increase your overall sensitivity, pick the Sensuali-Tea brew for the perfect concoction to encourage you to slow down and truly connect. Because what’s a better gift than being present?

Kikoko Cannabis Infused Teas, $5-$56



On top of cannabis being a natural aphrodisiac, it’s a no brainer: when you feel energized, you just feel sexier. Juna Gold Drops, with a subtle herbal-floral flavor, will have you feeling uplifted and on point. Get in tune with those lovey-dovey vibes and head out on a walk together, hand-in-hand. Try the Nude version (a non-psychoactive version, meaning it won’t give you that high feeling) or the Jade drops for a more serene, leisurely effect.

Juna Drops, $58-$64



If you’re significant other has been shy about weed every since that one time they accidentally “wayyyy over did.” then the Dosist Pen 50 is your friend. This product is a cannabis oil vaporizer pen which ensures the perfect dose each time. No going overboard, like that one Valentine’s Day…with way too much vino. Yeah, we’re not here to judge. There are six different pen formulas. Try Bliss, Passion, or Arouse to get those V-Day vibrations quickly, and properly calibrated.

Dose Pen 50 by Dosist, $40



While everyone is busy Marie Kondo’ing their closets, this is one product you’ll want to add into the bedroom. Tri-fold your sweaters later and bring on the joy with this cannabis-infused intimate oil. Increase libido and apply liberally to wherever you’re looking to enhance sensation. For best results, apply 20 minutes beforehand. There’s also a latex-friendly version available.

Quim Night Moves Intimate Oil, $46



Store-bought chocolates are fine but special occasions call for “special” chocolate. For Valentine’s Day, bring home some flowers (or a plant!) and Garden Society’s Bliss Blossom chocolates. This luscious milk chocolate is infused with passion flower and the calming attributes of cannabis to relax mind and body. Edibles, with their slower onset and longer duration, are the perfect way to ease into an evening with your favorite someone.

Garden Society Bliss Blossoms Milk Chocolates, $24

Enjoy! Also did we mention if you sign up for specials, new products and events you also get $10 off your first order. Spread the love…