Musician, film and television composer Craig Wedren has two upcoming events in San Francisco; one of which is a combination event for the opening of a photo exhibit, that includes a book release and a live performance.

The former frontman for indie rock band Shudder To Think has a three-part event on March 7th at The Loin (914 Larkin Street) called ‘My ’90s’. From 6pm – 11pm, attendees can enjoy the photo exhibit featuring Polaroids taken by Wedren in the ’90s and early 2000s. The images depict late nights and early mornings on the road and include candid moments with Fugazi, Smashing Pumpkins, Pearl Jam, members of The State; along with shots of actors on set during the filming of Wet Hot American Summer and Laurel Canyon (both of which were scored by Wedren).

In addition to the photography, a limited edition copy of hard-bound books featuring the prints will be available at the gallery, as well as on his website, To wrap the evening up, Wedren will perform a live music set at 9pm.

Then Wedren returns to San Francisco, April 22nd, for a show at The Chapel, opening for The Messthetics (featuring the Fugazi rhythm section).

Wedren released Adult Desire Expanded in late 2018, a follow-up edition of his experimental, electro-acoustic 2017 album Adult Desire.