Beginning today, post-punk frontman Eugene S. Robinson from Bay Area band, Oxbow, premiers a new podcast series called OZY Confidential, delving into dark, unspoken topics.

The grizzly storytelling podcast is hosted by Robinson, Editor-at-Large for Ozy Media, a storytelling outlet based in Mountain View. Robinson has experience as a journalist, actor, novelist, fighter, and a former steroid junkie. In this podcast, his edgy and raw voice explores heavy topics, ranging from a conversation with a world-renowned Nietzsche scholar who left behind a PhD for life as a crack whore to Boston Irish Mafia’s Kevin Weeks.

Episode one, “I’ll Go First,” details his personal journey from purist to steroid abuser, while episode two, “Gun In Mouth Blues” invites a guest, former Marine Corps medic turned suicidal PTSD-addled vet, Max More.

Watch the trailer below and listen to listen to Oxy Confidential Online via iTunes and Spotify.

OZY Confidential follows on the success of OZY Media’s hit podcast series, The Thread. Now in its third season, The Thread takes listeners on a journey through time, turning back the clock to uncover how people and moments in history are connected through an unthinkable thread.

Experimental four-piece noise rock band Oxbow was founded in 1988 and has released seven studio albums. They returned after a decade hiatus back in 2017, to release their latest record, Thin Black Duke.