What started as a one-off event to connect women singer-songwriters in Portland in 2017, has gained some serious momentum with 2018 equaling out to chapters in more than 10 cities in the US and Canada, including San Francisco. Their fourth local showcase takes place Thursday, August 9 at San Francisco’s Bar Fluxus.

This year, #WomenCrush Music also gained non-profit status, opening up more opportunities to pursue their mission of connecting, educating, and inspire rising women songwriters through showcases and workshops. And in turn, creating shows that are highly affordable to the public. Tickets are $6, less than the cost of a drink at most places nowadays.

#WomenCrushMusic was originally started by Ashley Kervabon who’s Portland event had a humble turnout but an overwhelmingly positive response. She then reached out to women in other cities, who also expressed the need for a similar showcase series. Upon realizing there was an industry-wide gap, Kervabon expanded on the concept and so began #WomenCrush Music.

Here in the Bay, #WomenCrush is organized by chapter leader Krystal Beasley who helps to put together showcases in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose. And, as she puts it, “is extremely thrilled to showcase the massive amount of homegrown talent.”

For their upcoming showcase she has brought together four artists: NorCal folk-pop singer and acoustic guitar player Christine Tence, San Jose singer-songwriter Socorra, multi-instrumentalist female producer Salami Rose Joe Louis, who will be touring with Toro Y Moi on their California dates; and Ellisa Sun who combines elements of ’60s RnB, soul, and bossa nova with experimental production techniques.

“I love being a part of #WomenCrush Music because it provides a beautiful sense of community,” explains Beasley. “The organization creates opportunities for female musicians in a very male-dominated industry. I’m extremely excited for this showcase because we are hosting it at the beautifully intimate venue Bar Fluxus, and it features four truly amazing women that very skilled up-and-coming musicians who are creating a name for themselves.”

WomenCrush Music San Francisco
Bar Fluxus, 18 Harlan Place, San Francisco
Thursday, August 9, 8-10pm, $5 Pre-sales, $6 at the door