The Exploratorium is daring you to become intellectually interactive this summer. Visit the museum from May 26 through September 3 and they promise that even long-time visitors will see the museum space in a whole new way. To do this, they have partnered with Colossal, one of the largest art, design, and visual culture blogs, to create Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art. Combine the words Colossal and Inflatable and you’ll get the idea.

The 650+ exhibits of science, art and human perception which are already part of the Exploratorium will be surrounded by oodles of large-scale pieces of inflatable artworks. The participating artists concocting these extrasensory leviathans are Jason Hackenwerth, Shih Chieh Huang, Jimmy Kuehnle, Pneuhaus, and Amanda Parer.

These days when you speak of being interactive it’s usually in reference to a human interacting with a computer program. However, having an interactive experience doesn’t have to be sedentary nor restricted to a computer screen.


Alice Krasinski, Director of Public Space at the Exploratorium says, “…the artworks will be dispersed throughout the museum almost like visitors themselves. One minute you’ll be peering through a magnifying glass to study the magnetic properties of black sand and the next you’ll be standing next to an immense glowing creature. Both experiences challenge us to consider our perceptions and our relationship to the world.”

And as Exhibition Curator and Colossal Editor-in-Chief Christopher Jobson explains: “Despite their whimsy and colorful appearance, these artworks are meant to push the viewer into unfamiliar territory.” These works are meant to prompt questions, such as “What is it?” “How does it work?” “Why is it here?” “Is this art?”

Ask yourself these questions as you walk into an inflatable camera obscura that mimics entering into the eye of an insect. Stand next to massive inflatable humanoids that spans the height from the museum’s floor to its ceiling.

Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art
Exploratorium, Pier 15, SF
May 26 – September 3

Inflatable Members-Only Opening Preview
Friday, May 25, 6PM- 9PM