Matcha is impossible not to love. Instagram-friendly, ceremonial, healthy, and generally very hygge, the Japanese green tea powder have already conquered our lattes and is now moving on to food. Case in point—the brand new Stonemill Matcha cafe and eatery, opening in the Mission this weekend. In the process, founder Eijiro Tsukada took over the Bar Tartine space on Valencia Street and transformed it into a Japanese oasis, complete with a marble bar, wooden tables, and traditional fabrics.

The matcha drinks are, naturally, a major attraction; at Stonemill, cold beverages like the refreshing Sparkling Yuzu Matcha share the spotlight with a selection of flavorful lattes. An additional ‘slow bar’ will offer freshly hand-whisked matcha, prepared and poured on the spot, from a variety of Japanese teas like  Sencha and Hojichaand Genmaicha. But the matcha domination doesn’t stop there—the awakening powder can be also found in pastries and comforting offerings from the small and innovative food menu.

First, a portion of the menu honors classic and simple Japanese dishes by chef Keisuke Akabori, who previously worked at Oakland’s Delage and Saison; the crunchy katsu pork sandwich (on milky, crust-free bread), the okayu, a sort of savory porridge, and the tea-poached salmon are lessons in perfectionism.

Then, in a homage to the previous tenants, Stonemill partnered with Tartine Manufactory on a dazzling selection of pastry items bringing together Japanese minimalism and Tartine’s famous love of carbs. The soybean and orange morning bun, the pork belly danish and the ‘Everything’ croissant, sprinkled with spicy furikake seasoning, are not to be missed—especially by anyone who loves a stylish creative pastry. Additional desserts and sweets, like the fluffiest Japanese cheesecake, the sake-rhubarb galette, the strawberry-filled mochi, and the matcha cream puff are right on trend as well, celebrating unexpected French-Japanese combinations and mild sweetness.

Stonemill Matcha
561 Valencia Street