For those who don’t already know, Marshawn Lynch is one of the wonder-children of the NFL, currently playing running back for the Oakland Raiders. Apparently, Lynch is also moving forward with his dream of owning a restaurant and has purchased the Emeryville soul food spot named Scend’s. Lynch’s new place is named Rob Ben’s after his old friend Robert Benjamin who was 25 years old when he was gunned down and killed in Oakland back in 2007.

While there is very limited info and a very stark Facebook page for the new restaurant which was first announced back in July 2017, the word on the street is that well-known chefs around the Bay Area have confirmed that they have indeed been hired by Lynch and his team. We still aren’t sure exactly what he’s going to be serving, but if this sports-star-turned-foodie situation is anything like Joe DiMaggio’s Italian Chophouse, then you know we’re excited. More info to follow!