Animation Reimagined at Modern Eden will have your favorite cartoon characters looking even sleeker, sexier, and possibly more tripped out than you had remembered them. Michael Cuffe of Warholian has curated an all-star crew of established and emerging artists for this show, with each artist asked to apply their own artistic vision, along with a bit of realism, to iconic animated characters from both old-school classics to modern-day favorites.



Artists include Adam Hunter Caldwell, Alec Huxley, Amanda Banker, Amy Mastrine, Ania Tomicka, Anne Angelshaug, Aunia Kahn, Brianna Angelakis, Carly Janine Mazur, Catherine Moore, Chris Leib, Christina Ridgeway, Daniel J Valadez, David Natale, Glenn Arthur, Hanna Jaeun, Hikari Shimoda, Jacyln Alderete, Jessica Dalva, Joshua Coffy, Julie Filipenko, Kathrin Longhurst, Lee Harvey Roswell, Leegan Koo, Leilani Bustamante, Luke Allsbrook, Marcos LaFarga, Marie Larkin, Marjolein Caljouw, Mark Bryan, Meredith Marsone, Michael Cuffe, Nathalia Suellen, Nick Stathopoulos, Olga Esther, Rachael Bridge, Rachel Silva, Raúl Guerra, Rene Cuvos, Rich Pellegrino, Richard Ahnert, Richard J Oliver, Robert Bowen, Sarah McCloskey, Sheri DeBow, Simona Candini, Stephanie Law, Steve Javiel, Susannah Martin, Susanne Apgar, Sybiline, and Zelyss.

The opening reception at Modern Eden Gallery takes place on Saturday, April 14. The exhibition curator and Warholian founder Michael Cuffe and a number of participating artists are expected to be in attendance.

Animation Reimagined
Modern Eden Gallery
Exhibition Dates: April 14–May 4, 2018
Opening Reception: April 14, 6 pm–9 pm