Puppies and Cocktails for a Charitable Cause at the Mauna Loa Club

Not that anyone ever needs a reason to play with puppies, but in February, you can snuggle and pet the cutest creatures on earth—in the name of charity. On February 3rd, the Marina bar Mauna Loa Club will be hosting a fundraising event benefiting Family Dog Rescue and Dogma Animal Rescue.
The format is rather simple; get a drink (or two) featuring Tito’s vodka, 209 Gin, or Crown Royal whiskey, buy raffle tickets and win fun prizes. And, for a donation of $5, play with a patio full of puppies.
The best part? 15% of all sales and raffle proceeds, along with tips, will be donated to the two rescue centers, and Tito’s vodka will match all donations up to $5,000. Getting tipsy and making new furry friends never felt more right.
Saturday, February 3rd, 12- 5 pm,  3009 Fillmore St, San Francisco

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