So you think you already know The Shining inside and out? Well, what about backwards and forwards, superimposed onto itself? It’s been said that this movie was meant to be played in both directions and that there are uncanny synchronicities throughout, moments where the film aligns in ways that amplify Kubrick’s trademark use of symmetry, repetition, mirroring, and doubling.

The Roxie Theater is bringing the experimental version of The Shining: Backwards and Forwards to San Francisco for viewers to experience this superimposed, dizzying version, which has been described as a true psychedelic experience. To keep from true sensory overload, the audio is only played forward.

This project may sound a bit somewhat familiar to some, as the creator, John Fell Ryan, was featured on the 2012 documentary Room 237, which examined several of Kubrick’s films for deeper and hidden meanings. If you are tempted to look further into some of the syncing moments before checking out the film, here is a blog that breaks down some of the scenes.


Call it a casual coincidence or chalk it up to some very Kubrick-obsessed stoners hoping to find connections where there isn’t; this altered version undeniably offers a unique way of viewing the classic. A trippy tilt-a-whirl in itself.

+++ Roxie Theater, 3117 16th St, San Francisco
Monday, May 29 at 8:30-11pm, Event link