5 Local Healthy Food Options in 2017

Along with picking up hobbies and unplugging more often, getting more fit and embracing a healthier lifestyle are still among the top New Year’s resolutions nationwide. While Bay Area residents don’t really need convincing in this area, in the spirit of general well-being and the nearing summer, we decided to highlight some new local businesses and initiatives to keep you healthy and thriving, nutritious-wise, well into 2017.

The restaurant: True Food Kitchen

Health food restaurants are on the rise, but not all of them hit the mark. This restaurant chain, which arrived in Walnut Creek last year, is inspired by the principles of Dr. Andrew Weil and his anti-inflammatory diet. Sounds a bit…out there? Well, the truth is, True Food Kitchen offers some pretty sound and delicious dish and drink options, which still feel and taste totally indulgent. The charred cauliflower with harissa tahini, Medjool date and dill is a winner, and so are the pastas and crispy pizzas, demonstrating the better-tasting side of gluten-free crust.

120 Broadway Ln #1044, Walnut Creek


The service: Mealmade

It was only a matter of time before a health-leaning food delivery service would appear in the Bay Area. Meet Mealmade, a local food delivery company that lists low-carb, paleo and low-fat options. While a subscription is always a good idea to kick-start the new year, one-time orders are also a possibility, and options are plentiful and attractive, ranging from popcorn shrimp to pulled pork nachos.


The snack: Kuli Kuli

Did you know Oakland is secretly growing a future health food giant? A local superfood startup, Kuli Kuli, just got funding from Kellogg’s and is already sold at Whole Foods and Safeway. What’s the fuss about? Energy bars, juice shots and other snacks containing the extract of Moringa (otherwise known as drumstick tree or horseradish tree) a new green superfood that’s said to be the next kale. Intrigued? More information, as well as an online store, can be found here.

The fast food: Eatsa

Opening less than a year ago, Eatsa caused quite a stir with its robot-powered automated service and healthy premise. Now sporting two locations, Eatsa offers a filling, healthy and fast lunch alternative, in the form of balanced bowls of grains, veggies and protein—all coming out of smart futuristic machines. Being a first-timer at the machines is kind of fun in itself, and the chia puddings and fruit cups are also worth a try.

1 California st. and 121 Spear st.


The juice: Juicero

A seemingly complicated affair, the new SF start-up Juicero, nevertheless, wants to make juicing easier with a slick press machine, pre-made packs of fresh (never frozen), triple-washed, chopped organic produce that’s been harvested within days of being packed and delivered to consumers. The ultimate goal?  Fresh-squeezed juice without all the vegetable chopping and fussing. Trust a San Franciscan to come up with that.