PokeCon 2 is here! Not be confused with Pokemon. Which has nothing in common with this eventwell, aside from its similar powers to allure the masses and draw them out and into the great urban outdoors…so maybe similar?

In any case, you might recall that there was a similar PokeCon event at the SoMa StrEat Food Park which just happened last month. That event was sold out and spawned this Saturday’s PokeCon 2, due to its overwhelmingly high demand the first time around. This second chance to sample lots of delicious poke will take place at the new Mission Bay food truck park, SPARK, which recently hosted the Mac n Cheese Melt-Off, a “free beer” and mac and cheese night to remember.

The dish is a Hawaiian cookout staple that is receiving a revival of sorts. For those that might not know what poke is (pronounced like Pokemon, again no relation), it’s a seasoned raw fish dish, usually served over a bowl of rice, seasoned in a variety of ways with soy sauce, sesame oil, sweet Maui onions, avocado, tomato, etc. The exact ingredients are up to the chef, so expect to see a variety of recipes in play as vendors from all over the Bay Area will be remixing this classic.

And, as with any good Hawaii-styled cookout, there will also be plenty of other food optionsLau Lau, Lechon, Dole Whips, and Hawaiian drink specials. The island vibes will be chill, Hawaiian music will be playing, and the  food will be flowing.

+++ Saturday, August 13th | 11am-9pm
SPARK Social SF, 601 Mission Bay Boulevard North, San Francisco

$5 discounted advanced purchase tickets are available here.